South Korea Travelogue 7: Garosu-gil, Itaewon and Jongno-3ga

Many people have raved about the cafes and shopping available at Garosu-gil, an area in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. The street got its name Garosu-gil, which means tree-lined streets, as the area is lined with with ginkgo trees.


We had breakfast at A Twosome Place, a coffeehouse chain in South Korea and also one of the few places opened early in the morning. The prices were typical of a cafe. There were plenty of cakes and sandwiches, but I chose the Ham & Cheese Quesadilla (4,500Won) which was pretty yummy.


Olive Young is a must visit for health and beauty products! From 19 stores in 2004, they quickly expanded to 152 in 2011 and opened their first overseas store in Shanghai in 2013.

My favourite find in Garosu-gil has to be Jaju! If you follow me on Instagram, you would know I love to collect pretty plates and tableware, and Jaju has plenty of those at rather affordable prices.


In addition to that, they also sell pretty bouquets from only 5,000Won! So economical! I was lamenting how expensive flowers are in Singapore.


Our next stop as you can tell is the popular Line Friends Flagship Cafe & Store. For all you Line fans out there, this cafe which is opened from 10.30am to 9.30pm, is a must visit!


If you wish to take pictures with the ginormous Brown, you have to line up at a separate queue at the entrance.


And from there, it is Line galore!


Since we arrived when it just opened, there were quite a few empty tables at the cafe. I tried to order as much as my stomach could take. Be warned, the prices are not exactly cheap! Between sis and I, we had a huge cup of ice coffee, a strawberry latte, a red velvet cupcake (5,900Won), three character macarons and a soft serve.

The Brown ice cream cone cost 3,800Won and you can get the Cony (rabbit) one too. Both come in cone or cup. I found the soft serve too milky. Remember to try the Sally macaron (3,000Won; mandarin flavour) which is the best among all!


I was so excited when I saw this poster! I thought I could buy flower cupcakes, only to go there and realise it was a baking class.

We felt a bit peckish and headed to Masizzim for lunch. I have been to the outlet in Singapore at 313@Somerset, but I wanted to try how the original one tasted.


The menu was slightly different compared to Singapore and the prices more competitive. A lunch set costs about 8,000Won which is equivalent to SGD$9.60. However, I must say that the spicy beef rib stew in Singapore tastes almost the same, just a bit less spicy.

A dish that you can find in Seoul is the beef rib stew with a whole octopus for 30,000Won (good for two). The portion is humongous and it is a very filling meal. The down side is that the octopus will end up being a bit tough from cooking over the flame.

After lunch, we headed to Itaewon. My intention was to try Coffee Chu’s famous churros and Swi:t B’s soft serve, however they were no longer there. Coffee Chu has other outlets, but I ran out of time.


So we walked around and I treated myself to Softree’s Wow! Honey Chips (4,800Won) soft serve. I wanted to try their truffle ice cream, but it was sold out. Similar to all the Korean ice creams in Singapore, this was extremely small and not exactly worth the price.


It seemed like a day meant for disappointment at Itaewon because we tried the baked goods at Gontran Cherrier Artisan Boulanger and they were nothing special


Same went for the self-proclaimed “most delicious macaron in the world” Macaron Wonders. The macarons went for 2,500Won each. While there were no additives, only real fruits and European unsalted fermented butter, the fillings consisted mainly of buttercream, with hardly any flavour.


My mood got a bit better when I had these cute popsicles at Toping Bar. This place is known for the cute smiley faces drawn on their popsicles, however they ran out of dipping chocolate. Hence, I got them without any design. The lady was really nice and included a free mini Mango to go with the Cotton Candy one that I bought.


For dinner, we had street food at the market near our hostel.


We tried this stall and the chicken skewers which just came off the fire were cold in the middle. Fortunately, we walked further and came across the second stall below which was better.


We were still feeling hungry and went for supper at Vons Chicken, just a short walk from our hostel. What’s a trip to Korea without late night beer and chicken?


And we went for another round of supper around midnight at the BBQ alley behind our hostel. There were so many restaurants selling BBQ beef and this one came highly recommended by the owner of our hostel (Star Hostel). Their business had been booming every night since we stayed there. It cost 30,000Won for a portion for two persons.

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