South Korea Travelogue 6: Insadong, Hongdae and Myeongdong

We had a full day of eating and shopping in store for us on our second day in Seoul. We started with Australia’s “best scrambled eggs” and pancakes at Bills’ second outlet in Seoul, which was located at D-Tower (Jongno-gu), near our hostel.


Since it was a weekday, we practically had the place to ourselves.


The breakfast was pleasant but nothing mind-blowing. We enjoyed the Ricotta Hotcakes (19,800Won), which came with honeycomb butter, as well as the chunky carrot cake. I found the prices on the high side and I am not sure if I will pay such prices again. The Fresh Aussie and Full Aussie cost 22,000Won and 21,000Won respectively, which is around SGD$26.


From there, we walked to Insadong Ssamji-gil, which is hands down my FAVOURITE SHOPPING PLACE in South Korea. The mall has many cute, original and artisan shops, and I practically made purchases at every shop! From handcrafted signature stamps and handmade herbal soaps to “shitty” pancakes and neoprints in Hanbok (traditional Korean costume), there is something for everyone!


After shopping at the mall, we explored Insadong and I found Penguin Macarons! This shop is famous for its ice cream macarons (3,300Won each). There are several flavours; the most popular ones being Strawberry and Chocolate. The macaron shells are thin but good. However, I found the ice cream portion normal.


I have no idea how to type out the name of this mochi shop at Bukchon Hanok Village, because it is in Korean. Apparently it is famous for its fresh fruit mochi! Like the one pictured above, which contained half a peach (2,000Won). The grape one also came highly recommended by the owner.


We got hungry after walking around and decided to check out The Beastro at Hongdae. This restaurant opened its doors in 2014 and has since built quite a reputation for its food.


We had a superb Spicy Shrimp Saffron Pasta (19,000Won) which comes with huge prawns, lemon, chilli oil and kale. The staff heard our orders wrongly, so we also got an additional Farro Tagliatelle with Basil Pesto (18,000Won) for free. It was such a blessing in disguise because it was one of the best pesto sauces I have ever had.


Following lunch, it was dessert and we found a great one in this Ice Cream Hotteok for only 2,900Won at Hongdae! A Hotteok is a fried Korean-style brown sugar pancake and it went really well with the vanilla soft serve! The Hotteok is freshly fried, crisp and warm. Awesome! By the way, I cannot seem to find the geotag of this place, but it is located right next to a popular chicken restaurant.


Along the streets, you will find many places offering tarot card reading.

We had one more place to hit at Hongdae before going to Myeongdong .


I was so happy I found this cafe! Imi Patisserie Roastery is located at Donggyo-ro and they have many delicious looking cakes, but the ones to try are their Creamy Orange Bingsu (6,500Won) and O Chi Pong (5,500Won). The former comes with fresh cream and the latter is an orange cheesecake in an orange!


Myeongdong was very crowded. It is an awesome place to buy cosmetics. In fact, it is strongly encouraged by many to only buy your cosmetics here. I bought many masks that were going for buy 10 get 10 free.


We had dinner at Andong Zzimdak. Honestly, it did not look like much, but it was very delicious and extremely satisfying! Also, it is way cheaper here than in Singapore. We ordered one stirred fried chicken in sweet and spicy soy sauce, served with vermicelli for 26,000Won. It is about SGD$10 cheaper than Singapore.


We got ourselves some supper in the form of egg bread and Happy Lemon bubble tea before heading back to the hostel.

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