A Posher The Disgruntled Chef @ Ann Siang Road


After celebrating five years of success at Dempsey, The Disgruntled Chef has opened another outlet, albeit a more posh version, at The Club, a luxury boutique hotel. Expect to find the same plantation theme as their original restaurant, a concept paying homage to what was once a nutmeg plantation in the 1800s. The interior is incorporated with dark green walls, leather banquette and booth seats handmade in Venice, and handcrafted mirrors.


The menu is interestingly segregated into Small Plates and Big Plates, which are similar to appetisers and main courses respectively. In fact, this categorisation of menu was introduced by The Disgruntled Chef at their Dempsey outlet in 2010 and they became one of the pioneers in Singapore to establish course-by-course menu.


According to Founder and Executive Chef Daniel Sia, the restaurant at Dempsey was meant to be a bar, where patrons could indulge in the creative concoctions and sample small bites. However, as time passed, people came to identify The Disgruntled Chef with great culinary skills; classical French cooking techniques influenced by Asian flavours.


Tom Collins ($18). Gin, lemon, yuzu, handmade pandan syrup, rosemary and club soda.


Bee’s Knees ($18). Chamomile infused gin, Grand Marnier, lemon, orange and honey.

Both cocktails were unique and refreshing. I like cocktails refashioned with a splash of citrus and these two cocktails were ideal in their acidity and sweetness.



Burnt Onion Charcoal Bread ($9), served with fish floss and cream cheese foam. The resemblance to charcoal was uncanny, with its sooty appearance and cube and oblong like shapes. Regardless of its outward form, the bread is one of the best I have had. It was chewy inside and crispy outside, a result of baking it a few times, the last time with a coat of butter.


Steak Tartare ($18). Finely chopped beef tossed with raw egg yolk, accompanied by soft quail’s eggs, fried tendons and bread chips. I did not foresee that the quail’s egg would burst in my mouth, as I assumed that it would be a hard-boiled egg. That was indeed a pleasant surprise!


Sea Scallop Carpaccio ($21). Black truffle, endive and brown butter vinaigrette, atop thinly sliced fresh scallop. Derrick (@sgfoodonfoot) found that the innate sweetness of the scallop was overpowered by the toppings.


Burratina & Momotaro Tomatoes ($18). Cucumber, black olive powder and house smoked oak olive oil, served with tomatoes. The juicy and sweet fresh tomatoes were definitely the star of the show!



Fish Kebab, served with tomato salsa. Serious ‘Oh My God!’ factor here. It was very delicious! Too bad this is not fixed and changes daily.



Crispy Golden Snapper ($32), with puffed scales, zucchini caviar, clam and basil fondue. LOVE the crackling fish skin! The sharp snapping sound as you cut through the fish was simply euphoric. This is one dish that has achieved multi-sensory effect–sight, sound, smell and taste.


Braised Iberico Pork Cheeks Crepinette ($38). The pork cheek is braised, wrapped in pork cheek, then served with miso carrot puree, broccoli and braised daikon. The pork was tender and leaned towards the salty side.


Crispy Beef Short Ribs, a Weekday Evening Special, which is off the menu. The beef is sous vide for approximately 36 hours, before being covered with corn flour and then fried. It is served with soy glazed potatoes, white kimchi and house made spicy kimchi mayonnaise. This is one dish that truly embodies Chef Daniel Sia’s French technique unified with Asian flavours.



Poached Strawberries ($16). Flaky light puff pastry crisps and cut strawberries adorned the vanilla creme and Formage Blanc ice cream. The creme was as delicate as the puff pastry, making this a dessert that is sweet and easy on the stomach.


Lemon Posset ($14). Pistachio sponge, stewed blueberries and lime meringue. Another light and invigorating dessert, which is also not too sweet.


Chocolate Fondant ($16). Peanut butter ganache, banana fritters, dark rum banana ice cream. This dish is recommended for people who love their desserts rich. The banana fritters are covered with rice crisps, giving an extra crunch to the dessert.

The ice cream used in all the desserts here are house made with no additives.

The Disgruntled Chef @ The Club
28 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069708
Tel: 6808 2184
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 1200-1430hrs and 1800-2230hrs
Closed on Sundays.
Nearest MRT Station: Telok Ayer Station (Downtown Line).
*Also accessible from Chinatown Station (North East and Downtown Line) and Tanjong Pagar Station (East West Line).

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