Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar Celebrates First Anniversary with A New Menu


Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar is not a new cafe, having been established a year ago. The cafe located along the same stretch as the famous Fong Seng Nasi Lemak, next to The National University of Singapore, has recently celebrated their first anniversary and decided to revamp their menu.


Passionfruit Mint Tea ($6.20). My mum really liked this drink which comes with one half of a passionfruit on top. The drink is made with fresh passionfruit and they were really generous with the ingredients.


Ultraviolet Floral Cooler ($6.20). Some of you might not be new to this colour changing soda. It was originally blue in the picture above, but as soon as I dropped the shooter glass of lemon juice, it magically turned purple.

This colour transformation is caused by combination of butterfly pea or blue pea flower with the lemon juice. The flower is commonly used as dye in Nonya kuehs. It is also a pH indicator (remembering Chemistry during secondary school days) and will change colour after some acid is added.

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A Posher The Disgruntled Chef @ Ann Siang Road


After celebrating five years of success at Dempsey, The Disgruntled Chef has opened another outlet, albeit a more posh version, at The Club, a luxury boutique hotel. Expect to find the same plantation theme as their original restaurant, a concept paying homage to what was once a nutmeg plantation in the 1800s. The interior is incorporated with dark green walls, leather banquette and booth seats handmade in Venice, and handcrafted mirrors.


The menu is interestingly segregated into Small Plates and Big Plates, which are similar to appetisers and main courses respectively. In fact, this categorisation of menu was introduced by The Disgruntled Chef at their Dempsey outlet in 2010 and they became one of the pioneers in Singapore to establish course-by-course menu.


According to Founder and Executive Chef Daniel Sia, the restaurant at Dempsey was meant to be a bar, where patrons could indulge in the creative concoctions and sample small bites. However, as time passed, people came to identify The Disgruntled Chef with great culinary skills; classical French cooking techniques influenced by Asian flavours.


Tom Collins ($18). Gin, lemon, yuzu, handmade pandan syrup, rosemary and club soda.


Bee’s Knees ($18). Chamomile infused gin, Grand Marnier, lemon, orange and honey.

Both cocktails were unique and refreshing. I like cocktails refashioned with a splash of citrus and these two cocktails were ideal in their acidity and sweetness.

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Brand New Island Cafe & Bar @ TANGS at Tang Plaza


Island Cafe & Bar, established in 1993, has recently gone through a revamp and now boasts a brand new interior! The cafe located at TANGS at Tang Plaza, in the heart of Orchard Road, serves signature local and regional favourites, in addition to after-hour cocktails. With the contemporary design and open space, it is definitely a great place to relax and hang out with friends.


Other than the great ambience, what I really like about Island Cafe & Bar is the huge servings of food! My family and I ordered four dishes (one main course, two small plates and one greens) and one dessert and we were very full at the end of the meal.


Japanese Caesar ($17). Romaine and iceberg lettuce, seaweed, miso dressing, crispy flying fish roe, egg and croutons. Personally, this was pretty normal and the flying fish roe was not very substantial. I would prefer some meat to go along with the salad, but adding chicken would require an additional $3.

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Face To Face Noodle House: Home of Original Sarawak Noodles @ City Square Mall


Face to Face Noodle House, home of the original Sarawak noodles, has finally arrived in Singapore! Hailing from Malaysia with 105 years of history and 30 stores, this outlet at City Square Mall is the first store out of Malaysia and the flagship one in Singapore. Did you know that they serve more than two million bowls a year? It is no wonder, seeing that it was fully occupied at 3.30pm, when we got a seat.


If you had patronised the outlets in Malaysia, you would notice that the Face to Face Noodle House outlet here sports a new look, which is more modern. However, you can expect to taste the same authentic flavours of the noodles, this time around with a larger portion and more toppings.

The noodles are handmade daily without any preservatives. In addition to the signature Sarawak Noodles and Pan Mee, the outlet in Singapore has created two new noodles to suit the Singaporean taste buds–Curry Chicken Pan Mee and Genki Herbal Chicken Soup Pan Mee.


We started off with some snacks, from top left clockwise, Chef’s Special Fried Wanton ($4), Fried Taufu Wings ($4.50) and Bacon Cheese Balls ($5.50). My favourite among the three is of course the wings! They are marinated, deep fried and finger licking good! I recommend you skip the fried wantons if you are intending to order a bowl of noodles that come with it.


Genki Herbal Chicken Soup ($12.90). Homemade noodles in traditional herbal soup, served with chicken, enoki mushrooms and herbs. This noodles is special to Singapore and has limited servings a day.

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New Dishes Launched Today at Chir Chir Singapore!


I can safely say that from the first day that Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory opened its doors at 313@Somerset last year, the restaurant has been very well-received by Singaporeans. What is there not to like about it? They only use fresh chicken and fry the chicken only upon order. Also, all its sauces are imported from Seoul to ensure that taste is consistent across all their outlets worldwide. Hence, it is no wonder that Chir Chir has branched out quickly and now has a third outlet at Chinatown Point.

To keep its menu updated, Chir Chir has decided to expand its menu to include new items like Honey Butter Chicken, seafood dishes and ice-blended slushies. All of which will be available today!


Raspberry Double Smoothie and Mojito Double Smoothie ($12.90 each, additional $3 for soju). Ice-blended mango puree topped with raspberry and lime slushes respectively. Then a swirl of freshly whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles for a perfect finish. There is a third Double Smoothie that we did not manage to try and that is Aqua Double Smoothie which comes with tropical fruit slush.


Topokki & Cheese ($9.90). Korean rice cakes, creamy cheese sauce, chicken ham and bacon bits. This dish is created in Singapore! Yes, unlike the other dishes which are brought over from the menu in Korea, this dish was proposed by the owners of the Singapore franchise. I always find ham and cheese to be a classic and comforting combination.

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Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters Singapore @ Jalan Pelatina


I must be one of the last few foodies who have not paid a visit to Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roaster Singapore, but I am finally here! My sis always raves about how good the food is and she decided to bring me here to try it out.


If you have been to Pacamara before, you would know that they have an extensive collection of sodas for you to choose from. The Belvoir Presse Cox Apple Soda ($5.50), made with organic pressed apple juice and no sugar added, was put forth by the staff as the best in his opinion. The little apple bits and natural sweetness made it easy to see why this drink came highly recommended. By the way, sis had the Iced White Coffee ($5.50), featured in the picture before.

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