Truly Affordable Food at Truly Test Kitchen @ Kampong Ampat (Media Invite)


The name ‘Truly Test Kitchen’ is pretty much synonymous with affordable and good food. They first started out in 2013 as “Truly Curry Rice” at a hawker centre at Telok Blangah, famous for their generous servings of curry rice. Now, Truly occupies a 3,000 square feet space in an industrial building at MacPherson, incorporating five food concepts managed by them:

  1. Truly Curry Rice: their popular flagship stall
  2. Mian: meaning noodles in Chinese, hence you can find an array of noodle dishes at this stall
  3. Handmade Meatball Porridge & Traditional Yam/ Radish/ Pumpkin Cake: embracing the classical and traditional home-cooked flavours
  4. Truly Western: unique sets at affordable cost
  5. Drinks: much needed thirst quencher to put out the “fire”

While Truly Test Kitchen closes at 2.30pm, we were recommended to come before 1pm because they usually sell out by then.


How can we make a trip there and not try their signature curry rice? If you usually have your rice “flooded” with gravy and curry is one big love of yours, this is definitely the place for you. The pricing of the rice is as follows:

  • Rice with curry: $0.50
  • Egg: $0.50
  • Vegetables: $1
  • Meat: $1.50
  • Seafood: $2

It is no wonder why this place is such a hit both on weekdays and weekends!


Homely Noodles ($3.50) and Curry Chicken Chop Noodles ($3.50). The former came with maggi noodles, minced pork and assam soup, and I have to say I really enjoyed that. The curry noodles are nothing to scoff at either. A humongous bowl filled with noodles and topped with a sunny side up and a whole slab of chicken.


This is one dish that some of us could not get enough of, Minced Pork Porridge ($3). As you can see the portion is HUGE! The bowl was filled to the brim with my preferred style of porridge, the Cantonese-style congee! I would like to try the Handmade Meatball Porridge the next time I visit.


It is at the same stall as the porridge that you will find my favourite dishes, Radish Cake and Pumpkin cake ($2 each). I could not believe my eyes when I saw the price and serving size. It is made from scratch and freshly fried upon order. What a steal!


At the Western stall, you will be met with a variety of choices for their $4 Value Set, which comes with one protein, one carbohydrate, one side and one sauce. Oven roasted chicken, oven baked fish, house made meatballs, butter rice and mac & cheese are just a few of the options to pick from.

If you want something different, the Chicken with Waffles is just a mere $4.50, which is so much cheaper compared to other savoury or sweet waffles out there. Similarly, the pasta dishes here only cost $3.50, regardless of cooking styles, or whether it is chicken, meatball or seafood!

Anyway,  just a word of caution, the place is quite hot and ventilation is provided by ceiling fans. I would recommend that you take a seat either directly under the fans or near the exterior where an occasional cool breeze can be felt.

Truly Test Kitchen
153 Kampong Ampant, #07-05,
Singapore 368326
Tel:  9008 3285
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 0700-1430hrs
Nearest MRT: Tai Seng Station (Circle Line)

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