Gecory: Italy Gelato Coffee Pastry @ Clementi Avenue 2


One thing I love about social media is that you can find new food hunts from other people’s feeds. I happened to chance upon Gecory, which stands for GElato, COffee and pastRY, through Nicholas’ Instagram account (@stormscape) and saw that the cafe was actually pretty near my place.


It has been about two months since Gecory opened its doors here at Clementi Avenue 2, just opposite the MRT station. The cafe prides itself on its selection of 12 standard and four seasonal handmade gelato flavours. In addition to that, the brightly lit and cheerful interior of the cafe definitely draws you in.


How did I find the Gecory? I was pretty impressed when the friendly staff introduced the various flavours and offered to let me try almost all the flavours. I really liked the Durian, Mint and Chocolate Lavender flavours, the last being a seasonal flavour. I opted to have Mint and Chocolate Lavendar on my waffle ($11.20, plus $0.60 for a premium flavour).

However, I was quite disappointed when my waffle arrived with the ice cream melted. Other than that, I enjoyed how light and crisp the waffle was. I will probably come back for the ice cream alone, unless they can rectify the problem of melted ice cream with waffle.

Blk 328 Clementi Avenue 2, #01-198,
Singapore 120328
Tel: 9168 8058
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 1200-2230hrs
Friday & Saturday 1200-2300hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Clement Station (East West Line)

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