Finland Travelogue 4: Kakslauttanen Hotel & Igloo Village


It was only as I was packing for my trip to Japan and Taiwan that I remembered that I had not finished blogging about Finland. And so, here it is!

This was from my Finland trip back in December last year. During my holiday in Finland, I got to stay in a glass igloo at Kakslauttanen Hotel & Igloo Village. Other than it just being a whole new experience, our main aim was to see the Northern Lights through the glass ceiling.



Snow was falling continuously as you can see from the freshly deposited snow around the igloo.


The igloo is not very big, however there is enough space for two medium sized luggage or a cot (if there are three of you). Also, along the perimeter of the room are spaces where you can unpack your stuff.


Do not expect much of the toilet. It is rather cramped, with a little low sink. For those who are taller, you will have a hard time performing your ablutions.

As for showering, there is a communal toilet and sauna a trek away. The downside is that there are no shower curtains, just shower heads next to one another. I am not much of an exhibitionist, so I did not shower for one night. Thankfully, we only stayed here for one night.


The dining area is in this huge log cabin. We were given a private room to dine off the side of the main dining area. The log cabin is also where you will come to check in and out, as well as book snow activities.


The quality of food is restaurant standard! I really enjoyed my meals at the restaurant.

Overall, it is something different and you should try staying at a glass igloo if you haven’t, but I will not stay here for long because of the shower facilities. There are newer and bigger igloos for families which come with attached bathroom, but you must be prepared to pay a higher sum for it.

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