It’s Christmas Again at Delifrance!


Here are some of the viennoiseries and desserts I got from Delifrance the other day. The cafe has introduced a few new items for the holiday season.

Delifrance has introduced three new tarts (from top): Chocolate ($4.50), Almond Pear ($3.80) and Lemon ($4.50). Among the three tarts, the most special one has to be the Almond Pear one, considering that the golden brown crust is made with ground almond. Also, together with the slices of pear are flavourful almond cream and generous amounts of almond flakes.

That is not to say that the other tarts are not worthy of mention. The Chocolate tart comes in two layers: glazed top layer and ganache cream with 64% chocolate content. The Lemon tart, on the other hand, is tart (pun intended) and zesty, and topped with pistachio bits.

Next up, is the croissant. The croissant is one of Delifrance’s signature items and now the new Almond Croissant ($4.50) comes with plenty of almond flakes and snow powder. This could not compare with the one I had at Antoinette, as this was flatter and the intricate layers were not conspicuous.

Blueberry and Chocolate Madeleines ($4.80 for 6 pieces). These two flavours are new and the shell-shaped madeleines are moist on the inside. The bite sized pieces were polished off really quickly!

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