Decorating Christmas Cookies

Last year, sis and I got down to decorating cookies for Christmas (and as you can see from my watermark, it was supposed to be publish last year, but I forgot). It was my first attempt at decorating Christmas cookies, and no, I did not bake them. It was bad enough with my shaky hands, there was no need to poison my relatives.

After discussing with my sis, we decided on gingerbread cookies in a mitten shape, using white, red and green royal icing. Throughout the whole process I consulted the book my sis got for me ‘The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating’ by Autumn Carpenter.

Prior to actually decorating the cookie, I read up on icing tips and also drew my design after tracing the shape of the mitten from the cookie cutter.

  • Tip 1: It is good to colour your design on paper because it helps you to visualise your design and keep track of the colours you need.

Sis made royal icing using egg white powder, cream of tartar, water and sifted powdered sugar. The mixture has to be blended well and thick enough that your spatula can stand on its own in it.

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Finland Travelogue 4: Kakslauttanen Hotel & Igloo Village


It was only as I was packing for my trip to Japan and Taiwan that I remembered that I had not finished blogging about Finland. And so, here it is!

This was from my Finland trip back in December last year. During my holiday in Finland, I got to stay in a glass igloo at Kakslauttanen Hotel & Igloo Village. Other than it just being a whole new experience, our main aim was to see the Northern Lights through the glass ceiling.



Snow was falling continuously as you can see from the freshly deposited snow around the igloo.

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It’s Christmas Again at Delifrance!


Here are some of the viennoiseries and desserts I got from Delifrance the other day. The cafe has introduced a few new items for the holiday season.

Delifrance has introduced three new tarts (from top): Chocolate ($4.50), Almond Pear ($3.80) and Lemon ($4.50). Among the three tarts, the most special one has to be the Almond Pear one, considering that the golden brown crust is made with ground almond. Also, together with the slices of pear are flavourful almond cream and generous amounts of almond flakes.

That is not to say that the other tarts are not worthy of mention. The Chocolate tart comes in two layers: glazed top layer and ganache cream with 64% chocolate content. The Lemon tart, on the other hand, is tart (pun intended) and zesty, and topped with pistachio bits.

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