A New Range of Premium Flavoured Lattes at Haagen Dazs (Media Tasting)


Haagen Dazs has recently launched a new line of premium flavoured lattes, crafted with premium Illy coffee and six of their iconic ice cream flavours: Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Macadamia Nut, Green Tea, Strawberry and Chocolate. The lattes cost $6.80 each and customers can choose to have it hot or cold.


Vanilla Latte. A latte made from a blend of Haagen Dazs’ signature Vanilla ice cream (with beans sourced specially from Madagascar) and premium Illy coffee. The taste of vanilla is true and the smooth and creamy flavour is highly discernible. It is fuller than other vanilla lattes at other coffee outlets because of the ice cream used.


Cookies & Cream Latte. This is expected to be a crowd favourite as this ice cream flavour is a huge hit at Haagen Dazs. The texture of the coffee is rather unique, with cookie chunks at the bottom of the drink. However, I felt that the nuts added into the coffee were redundant and took attention away from the original flavour.


Macadamia Nut. Unlike most nut lattes (like the popular hazelnut latte), where the flavour comes from the use of syrup, this latte is a blend of Macadamia Nut ice cream and Illy coffee, thus resulting in a fragrant and balanced taste. It is less sweet compared to the other lattes, but still smooth like the Vanilla but more nutty.


Green Tea Latte. I cannot say that I enjoyed this latte as I do not like green tea (insert horror music). There is no coffee in this drink as the bitter flavours of the tea would have clashed with that of the coffee. It is basically crafted with Haagen Dazs’ Green Tea ice cream and steamed milk. The flavour was extremely rich, which is probably good for matcha lovers out there.


Strawberry Latte. As opposed to the Macadamia Nut latte, where no syrup was used, this had a combination of ice cream, strawberry syrup and coffee. The syrup was added to increase the intensity of the flavour, as well as complement the real fruit pieces in the ice cream. I think I would have preferred it sweeter and in the cold version.


Last but not least, Chocolate Latte. The latte is a classic combination of Chocolate ice cream and coffee. The addition of chocolate syrup and chocolate powder brought about a fuller taste.

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