Hua Ting Steamboat: A New Addition to Claymore Connect (Media Tasting)

I posted about Mon Bijou, which is located at Claymore Connect, in August. The reason why I am bringing this up is because a new restaurant has opened its doors right next door and it is none other than Hua Ting Steamboat.

This Cantonese style steamboat is the sister restaurant to Orchard Hotel’s Hua Ting Restaurant. Over here, you can find traditional and nourishing soup bases and premium ingredients.

There is a wide variety of sauces for you to customise or choose from. As usual, I started mixing my own sauce with my favourite condiments like fried onions and chilli oil. However, after trying some of the pre-made sauces, I realised I should have just stuck to the belachan which was perfect as it is.

Ordering is conveniently done through an iPad. It is really to make your choices with the pictures for reference.

In addition, you will not have to worry about getting soup splashed onto your attire while you are cooking, as you are provided with an apron each for you to protect your clothes.

We have tried the other soup bases and I feel that the best one is still the one that we ordered. It is a chef’s special creation called Superior Fish Soup with Winter Melon and Conpoy. The soup is served with winter melon “bowl” in the middle.

This soup is a classic. In order to attain its light and sweet flavours, as well as the “cooling” effect, carp fish is mixed with dried scallop before being simmered for hours. This is really comforting and great for our weather!

We ordered a Set Menu ($58/ pax), which came with the following:

  • Poultry & Meat: US Kurobuta pork and drunken chicken
  • Seafood: Australian fresh scallop and sliced King Garoupa
  • Fortune Balls: fish paste with black truffle, chicken paste ball stuffed with melted cheese, minced pork meatball with water chestnut and cuttlefish paste ball stuffed with egg yolk
  • Assorted Wild Mushrooms and Seasonal Greens
  • Noodles: kway teow and handmade fish paste noodles
  • Dessert of the Day

Each food category comes with a few choices and these are the ones we had.

The dessert of the day was lemongrass jelly which is really refreshing. And just before we left, we were given a shooter glass of sour plum to cleanse our palette.

  • Official Opening Promotion: From now till 30 November 2015, enjoy 50% off Pot of the Day.

Hua Ting Steamboat
442 Orchard Road #01-08
Singapore 238879
Tel: 6739 6628
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1130-1430hrs and 1730-2230hrs
Nearest MRT: Orchard Station (North South Line)

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