Kaffir & Lime: Sister Concept to ThaiExpress @ Paragon (Media Tasting)

This is my first time trying Kaffir & Lime, which is the sister brand of ThaiExpress, albeit a more upscale version. The restaurant is located at Paragon and while it is in the heart of Orchard Road, the prices of their premium dishes are rather affordable.

Kaffir & Lime had recently undergone a major revamp, from the fixings and upholstery to even the most minute details like plates and utensils. The restaurant space is now segmented into two areas, one for big groups and the other for couples and business meetings.

Chiang Mai Mango Blend ($6.50). A very thick and creamy mango smoothie!

Kaffir Spicy Mango Sparkle ($6.90), one of the two new mocktails (together with Lime & Blood Orange Cooler) created to celebrate the opening of the revamped restaurant.

Prawn Cake Donuts ($8.90), served with Thai sweet chilli dip. A very unique way of serving the usual prawn cakes!

Chicken & Shrimp Ball Kebab in Kaffir & Lime Sauce ($11), complemented with their special house sauce. If two sticks are one too many for you, you may choose to have a stick for $5.90.

Kaffir & Lime Beef Salad ($11.90). The salad primarily comprises of sliced beef in homemade Kaffir & Lime dressing, sitting atop fresh greens.

Chicken Thigh Pasta in Curry Sauce ($14.90), topped with crispy noodles. My favourite dish of the evening!

A dish which had been awarded the top dish in the world by CNN in 2011 is the Massaman Curry. It is very flavourful, considering that it contains more than 20 ingredients and is cooked for hours.

Deep Fried Whole Sea Bass Served with Kaffir & Lime Trio Dip ($22.90). You may choose to dip the crispy fish in one of the three types of sauces it is served with: sour plum, ginger and special lime.

Soft Shell Crab with Egg and Onion Curry Rice ($14.90). One of the hot favourites at this restaurant.

Honey Chicken and Egg Fried Rice ($12.50). One of the popular dishes among children.

Fresh Mango Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk ($6.90). I was glad that the rice was served warm and the mango was ripe and sweet.

Thai Red Ruby with Sweet Coconut Ice Cream ($6.90). Instead of a sauce, it is served with ice cream and I felt like I was eating a sundae!

Green Emerald Homemade Thai Lod Chong ($5.90). This is neither lap cheong (Chinese sausage) nor chendol, which it is commonly confused with because of its green jelly. The Thai tapioca flour noodles are made fresh and in house.

Coconut Pancakes ($8.50), topped with coconut ice cream, drizzled with salted caramel sauce. The texture of the pancake is nothing like the fluffy pancakes of the west, which can be rather subjective to taste. However, I actually liked it together with the ice cream and sauce.

Kaffir & Lime
290 Orchard Road #B1-45/46
The Paragon
Singapore 238859
Tel: 6836 8417
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1100-2200hrs
Nearest MRT: Orchard Station (North South Line)

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