A True Taste of Hakata Mizutaki at 鶏金 Torikin @ Crown Centre (Media Tasting)

Other than Crown Bakery, Crown Centre has another interesting food outlet that has been attracting patrons! It is none other than Torikin, a chicken collagen hot pot restaurant established in November 2014. It is the first overseas venture of Kyushu based Ishada Kikaku Group. The restaurant is staffed by both Japanese and locals to ensure that customers can get to taste authentic food from Kyushu.

We started with a Daikon Salad ($9,80), which was served in a cute little bowl with greens and tomatoes. It was an appetising start to our dinner.

Oden ($14 for 5 pieces), a Japanese version of yong tau foo, with yellow mustard on the side. We were served some konnyaku made of potato starch (good for digestion), mochi and fishcakes. According to the staff, the fishcake is originally white, but because it has been cooked in the soup base, it is slightly brown. By the way, the soup stock base is made with bonito.

Tonpei Yaki ($22.80), a type of okonomi yaki, is a must-try here. This is served on a sizzling special earthenware plate and is best eaten hot. The aroma as it was cooking on the plate made us salivate. This is served with pork and vegetables, and then topped with mayonnaise, tonkatsu sauce and chopped spring onions. Compared to the usual okonomi yaki, this has more egg and less flour.

Hitokuchi Gyoza ($8), which is loosely translated into “one bite” gyoza. I felt that the gyoza was on the oily side and too small to be satisfying. The ratio of gyoza “skin” to minced chicken was not balanced, leaving more “skin” than anything. However, the yuzu pepper that came with the dish was very good! It was sweet, sour and came with a kick!.

Following that we had the Hakata Mizutaki Hot Pot ($135 for 4 pax), which is a specialty in Kyushu. It is a hotpot chicken dish that is nutritious and rich in collagen and fibre. As opposed to some chicken collagen hot pots in Singapore, which can be a bit too salty and thick, this version is is lighter. The broth here is made daily from Sakura chickens, the leading supplier of chickens in Singapore, and boiled for six hours without any additives.

We poured some of their homemade ponzu sauce over the chicken and had it with some of that yummy yuzu pepper which we could not get enough of.

While we were enjoying our tender chicken, one of the servers was rolling minced chicken into balls and dropping them into the soup.

As the broth simmered further, various vegetables like cabbage and mushrooms were added in to make it a very flavourful bowl.!

Nothing was wasted at the end! We still had quite a bit of soup left after eating the meatballs, so we ordered some rice, which was cooked with egg in the remaining soup. We were left with a thickened porridge made with the essence of the soup! Despite the fact that we were very full, we managed to finish every last drop.

For desserts, we had yuzu and matcha ice cream as well as Karintou Manjyu ($5, usually served with ice cream), which is a dessert made with flour, black sugar and azuki. The latter was so in demand that by the time we ordered desserts, it was the only one left!

鶏金 Torikin
557 Bukit Timah Road, #01-14/16
Singapore 269694
Tel: 6465 5908
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 1800-2300hrs
Saturday & Sunday 1200-1500hrs and 1800-2300hrs

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