Brunch Menu at Boufe Boutique Cafe @ Phoenix Park

If you are into the cafehopping scene, then Boufe Boutique Cafe will not be new to you. The cafe is located in a Black and White House at Phoenix Park. Going alone with the monochrome concept, both the interior and exterior of the cafe are executed in black and white as well. Hence, it is little wonder (with windows offering lots of natural lighting) that this place has also been featured in many OOTD shots on blogs and Instagram.

We visited the cafe on a weekday afternoon, hence it was relatively crowd free, as opposed to a packed dining area on a weekend. The staff was friendly and helpful as they offered suggestions on what to order.

We tried a few of their drinks from the Homemade Infused section of the menu. In the first picture: Iced Lychee Tea ($5.50) and Lemonade ($5.50), which was infused with cucumber and strawberries. Second picture: Iced Apple Honey Tea ($5.50). The drinks were all thirst quenching and refreshing.

Truffle Fries ($13), shoestring fries with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese. Fortunately, the thinly cut fries were not soaking in oil (like the one I had a day before at another cafe). They were palatable and really good to munch on while waiting for our mains to arrive.

Eggs Benedict ($16). Homemade brioche with honey baked ham, poached eggs, homemade hollandaise sauce and fresh greens. This was a major disappointment in my opinion. As I cut into the poached eggs, I noticed that they were overcooked and the yolks were not runny.

Triple B ($21) also known as Boufe’s Big Breakfast. Freshly baked croissant, served with scrambled eggs, assorted sausages, honey-glazed bacon, sauteed mushroom and fresh greens. This is great if you are famished as it is a huge portion.

Brioche French Toast ($19). Homemade brioche in French toast mix, topped with fresh berries, caramelised banana, cream chantilly, almond crumble and maple syrup. Out of the three brunch items we tried, this was the best. The whipped cream is light and fluffy, and the caramelised banana was really yummy.

Boufe Boutique Cafe
308 Tanglin Road,
Singapore 247974
Tel: 6734 7656
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 0900-2200hrs
Closed on Mondays.

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