Tsukeru Shabu Shabu Restaurant at Emporium Shokuhin @ Marina Square (Media Tasting)

Emporium Shokuhin, the new 34,000 square feet Japanese food retail and dining experience located at Marina Square is indeed a sight to behold! You can find all things Japanese there, from a beef dry-aging facility to a live seafood market and eight restaurants! It is really convenient to enjoy everything at just one location.

The dry-aging beef facility offers a variety of cuts, dry aged from a minimum of 14 days to as long as 40 days. You may sample some of these cuts at Gyuu+, the yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant.

There is a whole display just dedicated to live oysters! Here are 10 oyster varietals from France!

The live and chilled seafood market selection is extremely impressive! The emporium boasts 22 specially designed sea water tanks from which customers can browse and select over 20 types of live fish and shellfish from all over the world. A couple of the showstoppers are the Alaskan King Crabs from Norway and kegani (Hokkaido hairy crabs).

One of the more interesting sections other than the live seafood market and beef dry-aging facility is the Ready-To-Eat section, which features sashimi trays, sushi sets, salads and onigiri (rice balls). As you can see from the empty shelves, they sell out really fast!

The products at this emporium are sold at attractive prices and cheaper than any Japanese supermarkets in Singapore, as they are sourced directly from Japan. The emporium also showcases a special Ehime Corner, which is dedicated to fresh produce and products from Ehime. The prefecture is best known for its mikans (mandarin oranges).

Out of the eight dining concepts, I only managed to try Tsukeru, which is a shabu shabu restaurant.

As you enter the restaurant, you will notice a wide variety of sauces for you to choose from! As you can see from the picture below, we had quite a lot on our table, from seafood to beef. 

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Shin Rosu ($28). Beautiful marbling and pinkish-red hue. Those who love beef should not dine at this restaurant without trying the buttery texture of this beef!

Prime USDA Ribeye ($18). I was surprised to see such pretty marbling! However, the wagyu beat this hands down.

Tiger Prawns ($6/100gm) and Hamachi Slices ($14). Our table could not get enough of the sweetness of the fresh prawns.

Kurobuta Pork Belly ($8). Another fatty cut with a rich texture.

After cooking our meats as well as the Vegetable Platter ($16) and Mushroom Platter ($18), we ended up with two flavourful pots of Tsukeru Konbu Seaweed Broth and Tonkotsu Misu Broth. If you are craving for something closer to home, Tsukeru has Tom Yam and Bak Kut Teh soup bases too.

For desserts, we had Tiramisu and Homemade Creme Caramel ($5). The tiramisu is rather heavy on the alcohol but you will get used to it after a while. The creme caramel in comparison was a slightly sweet custard dessert, which was more welcoming after such a “fatty” meal.

Tsukeru @ Emporium Shokuhin
6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-18,
Marina Square,
Singapore 039594
Tel: 6224 3433
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1130-1500hrs and 1800-2200hrs
*Live Market 0830-2100hrs

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