Antoinette ‘La Patisserie au Sofitel’ @ Sofitel So Singapore (Media Tasting)

This is my second visit to Sofitel So Singapore (you can read about my first visit here) and this time it was for desserts! Antoinette has now opened an outlet in the Central Business District and it is located right at the lobby of the hotel. You will be glad to hear that the entire selection of pastry is available everyday only at this outlet, and not only on weekends as at the other Antoinette outlets!

While the seating area might look small here, you may actually take your pastries anywhere within the lobby, which seats up to 50. It is a great location to just relax and have tea while enjoying the delectable selection of pastries and cakes offered.

The star of the show… Satay Swirl ($3.50), which was inspired by Satay Street of Lau Pa Sat next door and specially created for Sofitel So Singapore by Chef Kok Keong. Chef Pang added more spices so that the satay flavour is more pronounced and not covered up by the richness of the dough.

Featuring Chef Pang, who took the time to come down and introduce his patisserie to us.

Look at the cross section of the Pure Butter Croissant ($2.50). Chef Pang advised us against using cutlery to eat the croissant as it would affect how it flaked. I think this is one of the best croissants I have had. It is very buttery and light.

Hazelnut Danish ($3.50). Not a usually combination with danishes because of the cost it takes to make one. Chef Pang actually makes his own hazelnut spread!

Antoinette’s Kouglof ($4), which is made with a ceramic mould and then dusted with vanilla sugar. This pastry is cake-like but not as rich and heavy as a cake.

Bostock ($3), which means something entirely different in the Singlish context. A brioche in a roll, then sliced and soaked in rum syrup. It is twice baked and the sweetest of the pastries we tried.

Pear Danish ($3.50). A lovely danish filled with vanilla cream and crumble. It is one of the more popular pastries at Antoinette because there is more filling and dimension (better for taking pictures). I loved this!

Introducing two of the newer additions to Antoinette’s collection of cakes. Summer ($10) is the pretty turquoise cake with a little “garden” on top. The cake is a raspberry mousse containing pistachio bavarois, forest berries jelly, pistachio sponge and pistachio glaze on an almond sable. It is undeniably the most presentable cake!

Next is Jasmin (on the left, $9.50), which was inspired by Chef Pang’s visit to a teahouse in Beijing,China. This is a French-Oriental blend of chiffon cake, walnut sesame nougatine, jasmine flower mousse, osmanthus gel and mango jelly. On the top of the dessert is a blossom made of white chocolate, snow fungus and wolfberries.

Antoinette @ Sofitel So Singapore
35 Robinson Road
Singapore 068876
Tel: 6701 6868
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 0800-2200hrs

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