Brunch Menu at Boufe Boutique Cafe @ Phoenix Park

If you are into the cafehopping scene, then Boufe Boutique Cafe will not be new to you. The cafe is located in a Black and White House at Phoenix Park. Going alone with the monochrome concept, both the interior and exterior of the cafe are executed in black and white as well. Hence, it is little wonder (with windows offering lots of natural lighting) that this place has also been featured in many OOTD shots on blogs and Instagram.

We visited the cafe on a weekday afternoon, hence it was relatively crowd free, as opposed to a packed dining area on a weekend. The staff was friendly and helpful as they offered suggestions on what to order.

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Sis’s Birthday Surprise: Skyline Luge Sentosa, The Knolls and Corner House

If you can remember, my sis threw me a wonderful birthday celebration six months ago by getting me a humongous helium balloon bouquet, bringing me to lunch at Tanuki Raw, then a macaron baking class at The Kitchen Society by Bonheur Patisserie (my absolute favourite macarons), followed by dinner at Basilico (you can read more about it here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). I knew it was not going to be easy but I had to do something to top her awesome effort for her birthday.

Hence, I had a full day planned for her special day. She had totally no idea what I had in store for her. We woke up early on Sunday and headed for Sentosa. Our first stop was Skyline Luge Sentosa, where I had gotten a Three Luge & Skyline Combo for $25 from their website. My sis loves the Luge, so we were off to a great start!

As it was pretty hazy, so we did not have to queue for our turns! We had fun taking the Skyline up to the top of the Luge track and zipping our way down on the speedy ride.

Our second stop of the day was The Knolls at Capella Singapore. I enjoyed my first visit so much (read more about it here), that I decided to bring my sis here for their Sunday Brunch. What I like about this place is that they pride themselves not only on variety but quality, so you can be rest assured that you are getting your money worth in spades.

My sis was impressed by the food and service there! The dessert spread is as extensive as their appetisers and main courses. If you are a dessert lover like me, this is a buffet that you should not miss. Also, I would recommend that you make reservations in advance as the restaurant is usually packed!

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Tsukeru Shabu Shabu Restaurant at Emporium Shokuhin @ Marina Square (Media Tasting)

Emporium Shokuhin, the new 34,000 square feet Japanese food retail and dining experience located at Marina Square is indeed a sight to behold! You can find all things Japanese there, from a beef dry-aging facility to a live seafood market and eight restaurants! It is really convenient to enjoy everything at just one location.

The dry-aging beef facility offers a variety of cuts, dry aged from a minimum of 14 days to as long as 40 days. You may sample some of these cuts at Gyuu+, the yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant.

There is a whole display just dedicated to live oysters! Here are 10 oyster varietals from France!

The live and chilled seafood market selection is extremely impressive! The emporium boasts 22 specially designed sea water tanks from which customers can browse and select over 20 types of live fish and shellfish from all over the world. A couple of the showstoppers are the Alaskan King Crabs from Norway and kegani (Hokkaido hairy crabs).

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Antoinette ‘La Patisserie au Sofitel’ @ Sofitel So Singapore (Media Tasting)

This is my second visit to Sofitel So Singapore (you can read about my first visit here) and this time it was for desserts! Antoinette has now opened an outlet in the Central Business District and it is located right at the lobby of the hotel. You will be glad to hear that the entire selection of pastry is available everyday only at this outlet, and not only on weekends as at the other Antoinette outlets!

While the seating area might look small here, you may actually take your pastries anywhere within the lobby, which seats up to 50. It is a great location to just relax and have tea while enjoying the delectable selection of pastries and cakes offered.

The star of the show… Satay Swirl ($3.50), which was inspired by Satay Street of Lau Pa Sat next door and specially created for Sofitel So Singapore by Chef Kok Keong. Chef Pang added more spices so that the satay flavour is more pronounced and not covered up by the richness of the dough.

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‘Ahoy! It’s Seafood Night!’ at Brizo Restaurant & Bar @ Park Hotel Clarke Quay (Media Tasting)

Brizo Restaurant & Bar at Park Hotel Clarke Quay presents yet another wonderful fresh seafood feast in a buffet form. Introducing ‘Ahoy! It’s Seafood Night!’, comprising 20 types of seafood dishes and their new star, a cook-to-order dish Lobster in a Pan.

There is good variety of starters, from Norwegian Salmon Ceviche to Smoked Tuna Tataki & Quail Eggs. Also, fresh seafood is offered on ice such as Australian slipper lobster and freshly shucked French oysters.

In addition to all the seafood, there is a pasta live station offering three types of sauces: Neapolitan, Carbonara and Aglio Olio. While the pasta is pleasant to taste, it is obvious that the main attraction here is the seafood.

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[Newly Opened] Masizzim Hits Singapore at 313@Somerset (Media Tasting)

The people behind Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory have brought another interesting Korean restaurant called Masizzim to Singapore! The word ‘Masizzim’ (pronounced as ma-see-zim) is an amalgamation of the Korean words masi (delicious) and jjim (stew). This restaurant located right next to Chir Chir serves a medley of traditional and modern Korean dishes and specialises in stew.

We started with a Sikhye Jar ($9.50 for 660ml) at each table. This traditional Korean beverage is brewed in-house with malt barley and rice. This does help to ease the fire from the spicy stew.

The ban-chan (Korean side dishes) here is quite limited, probably because it serves more as an appetiser and is not the main focus of the meal. We had a side salad, radish and potato salad.

Next, we donned our plastic gloves and started mixing and shaping!

The DIY Rice Balls ($8). The medium-grain white rice, Korean black rice, barley, seaweed crumbs and crushed chilli padi bowl comes with a choice of Tuna (with mayonnaise and fried kimchi) or Anchovy. This is a really fun dish and one of the better ones we tried.

I preferred the Anchovy one as the fried anchovies were crunchy and lent an added texture to the rice, and it was easy to mould. Also, I am personally not a fan of tuna and found the rice balls a bit too moist for my liking.

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[Newly Opened] Best Dry Aged Meat at District 10 Bar & Grill @ Suntec City (Media Tasting)

The District 10 Bar & Grill outlet at Suntec City Mall is nothing like their other outlets. Do not expect the usual tapas here, this outlet specialises in dry-aged meat. I simply adore the bone-in cuts with high content of marbling. Let me warn you beforehand that the restaurant occupies quite a small space, approximately 1,800 square-foot, including the alfresco dining area. Should you prefer to sit indoors, I recommend that you make reservations first.

Honestly, nothing beats seeing Chef Luca Pezzera, the Co-owner and Executive Chef of Bonta Group, wielding a saw and explaining the various cuts.

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