[New Extension] The Tuckshop & The Recess @ Guillemard Road

Thanks to Burpple, I got to experience dining in The Tuckshop’s new extension, delightfully named The Recess. The Tuckshop is not new to the dining scene in Singapore, having opened about two years back. However, they have recently bought over the space next door (401 Guillemard Road) and transformed it into a social space for private events and consignment shops.

The space is actually versatile, so if you would like to use it to conduct workshops instead, it can be configured to suit your needs. Also, food and beverages can be catered from The Tuckshop.

Kiwi Pisang Smoothie ($7.50). The drink is not cheap and not many people I know would pay $7.50 for a small glass of smoothie, but I think we have to take into consideration that the cost price of ingredients is quite high.

Citrus Infused Water ($7), comes with lemon, orange and lime. Other Infused Water flavours are Cucumber Mint and Orange Mint. I would prefer if they had a still option instead of sparkling.

Here are some of the items we tried from the BRUNCH MENU, which is available till 4pm:

The Tuckshop Carrot Cake ($6). Golden brown fried carrot cake, served with sambal and chives. This crispy carrot cake is somewhat similar to XO sauce carrot cake. I really loved this and was glad we started on a high note.

The Tuckshop Roti Breakfast Wrap ($9). This was created when the chef was overseas and reminiscing over local food like roti prata, hence resulting in a fusion dish of roti wrap with bacon, fried egg and lettuce.

Truffle Fries ($10). Generous amount of shoestring fires with an abundance of truffle oil, topped with Parmesan cheese and served with truffle mayo.

The Tuckshop has two Breakfast Combos. This is Breakfast Combo #1 ($16). Poached eggs, mushrooms, jumbo pork sausage, hash brown and artisanal toast. What makes this stand out is the unique hollandaise sauce which is made of dou ban jiang (fermented bean paste), lending a spicy and salty aftertaste to the sauce.

If you prefer fish to pork, then The Tuckshop Breakfast Combo #2 ($16) is for you. Scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, house cured salmon, roasted tomatoes and croissant.

Still on the healthy breakfast ideas, here is Fruits, Grains and Yoghurt ($14). Beautifully presented garden of seasonal fruits, Greek yoghurt, granola crunch and pumpkin seeds. This must have take the chef quite a bit of time and effort!

Another attractive dish is the Healthy Salad of Barley, Pumpkin And Egg ($16). If I had to order this or the one above, I would go for the Fruit, Grains And Yoghurt because the dish is more cohesive in its concept of sweetness. We could not bear to eat both dishes as that would mean destroying the piece of art!

Egg en Cocotte ($19). Anything with cured meat is hard for me to resist and this dish has jamon wrapped soldiers! This is my favourite item in the brunch menu.

Chilli Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Crab ($20). This is apparently the dish to try if you are here. What stole the show for me was the creamy corn potato cakes that came with it. I felt that on the whole, the chilli needed more spice.

Torched Salmon ($20). Semi-cooked Atlantic salmon, poached eggs, ebiko roe, asparagus, dou ban jiang hollandaise and croissant. I was quite surprised to find such a dish in the brunch section, not too sure if many people will have this for brunch.

We also managed to try some items from the LUNCH MENU:

Truffle Scrambled Eggs ($16). As opposed to the Truffle Fries, I could barely tell that there was any truffle in this until someone told me that it was Truffle Scrambled Eggs.

Chicken Chop Gnocchi ($16). The chicken was well-marinated and tender. I did not fancy how the gnocchi was pan-fried till it was crispy on the outside. Perhaps, I am just more used to steamed gnocchi.

The Tuckshop Fried Rice with Salmon ($14). I felt that this dish could go both ways. It tasted like something that you could get at a tze char restaurant for a much lower price. The only thing different is the inclusion of salmon as a key ingredient.

The Tuckshop & The Recess
403 Guillemard Road,
Singapore 399795
Tel: 6744 8205
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1100-0000hrs

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