All Things Black And White at Monochrome Bistro @ South Bridge Road (Media Tasting)

Love black and white colour schemes or wish to have a meal in a black and white restaurant? Then, you should try Monochrome Bistro along South Bridge Road. The bold yet classy decor of the bistro was carefully selected by the owners and you cannot help but be drawn to the exterior as you are walking along the pathway outside.

The Bonding ($16). A basket full of goodness, comprising of three types of wings: Honey Oat, Chilli Crab and Favourite House Wings. Imagine crispy marinated mid-wings coated with honey and oats, or chilli crab sauce or Thai sweet chilli! So delicious! If you love chicken wings, you have to try this!

Smokin’ Truffle Fries ($13), one of the chef’s recommendations. The truffle taste was a tad too subtle for my liking.

Monochrome Aglio Olio ($19). A pasta dish in squid ink and normal pasta, reflecting the black and white interior of the bistro. Extremely flavourful. I just wished it was more al dente.

Country Chicken Pizza ($20). This looked nothing like the picture, in fact it looked more lie the Juicy Pork Belly Pizza. I was not a fan of this as I found it too oily and it left quite an unpleasant aftertaste.

House Moscato D’Asti (D.O.C.G, $13/ glass). Sweet wine with hints of sage and orange blossom. Not sure why but I always thought of Moscato as a lady’s drink.

Sticky Date Pudding ($11), topped with artisanal ice cream. It reminded me of a volcano erupting! I think the desserts here are pretty good!

Lychee Pudding ($7). This is indeed small but it packed a punch and is my favourite dish at Monochrome Bistro! When it first arrived at the table with the Sticky Date Pudding, I placed what I assumed was just a normal pudding aside for the more photogenic dessert. However, when I got a taste of this, I could not have enough of it and continued to rave about it even after I finished it.

Monochrome Bistro
291 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058836
Tel: 6221 1798
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1200-2200hrs

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