Phuket Travelogue 2: Mali Chic, Number 6 Restaurant, Naka Market & More!

Location is key and I was glad that just across from Club Med Phuket was a whole stretch of restaurants, cafes, street food, spa outlets and shops. During our free time, we would hang out at one of the cafes or walk around the area.

One of our favourite hang outs was Mali Chic Restaurant, located in the newly opened Palm Square, just a stone’s throw away from the entrance of Club Med.

Friendly staff, beautiful decor, lovely ambiance with floor to ceiling windows. What is there not to like?

After our first visit, we mostly returned for drinks and ice cream. I highly recommend the mango and coconut ice cream from their homemade ice cream section. There are many flavours available but these were the most memorable ones, you can actually taste the bits of mango and richness of the coconut.

The Chocolate Tart (160 Baht = SGD$6.30), served with orange sabayon and strawberry ice cream is another must try. Presented beautifully and tasted exquisite. Definitely something you cannot find of this standard for this price in Singapore.

The meal above cost us 1729 Baht (SGD$67.70). Honestly, the Thai food was only average, but the drinks, dessert and ambiance made it ok.

Other than Mali Chic, two other stalls that we frequented were the Rolled Up Ice Cream Stall and Banana Prata Stall just in front of Club Med. The ice cream stall opens after lunch and the banana prata only opens in the evening.

As the weather there was pretty hot, the ice cream helped to cool down us down. Also, it was interesting to watch them make the ice cream! My banana and Oreo rolled up ice cream cost only 80 Baht (SGD$3), which was cheaper than the ones in Singapore and tasted much better too.

The banana condensed milk prata (40 Baht = SGD$1.50) was something we had to have every night! It was either an “appetiser” before dinner or dessert after. On one of the nights, despite the fact that it was pouring, we still headed out for our prata fix and ate it beneath the overhang of the building next door.

We visited Patong on our second day. The trip which took around 15 minutes cost us 400 Baht (SGD$15.70) one way. There was no other way around it, we did go around to various taxi drivers asking for a better rate, but I think they standardised their rates.

We got our driver to drop us at Jungceylon, the biggest shopping mall in Phuket, and we walked to Number 6 Restaurant, one of the most recommended restaurants in Patong. Even as we reached the restaurant at around 3.30pm, the place was packed and there was a constant queue outside. Fortunately, the rate of change was quite fast and we got a seat quickly.

We ordered the usual favourites like Pad Thai, Fried Fish with Chilli and Garlic, Stir-Fry Chicken with Sweet Basil, Fried Morning Glory with Oyster Sauce and Stir-Fry Beef with Garlic Pepper. They were all yummy, except for the chicken which we felt was neither sweet nor tasted much of basil.

Dessert in the form of Mango Sticky Rice was not anything to brag about either. Overall, I must say we enjoyed our meal and left feeling full and satisfied. The dishes cost us 1372 Baht (SGD$54), which we felt was fine for the portions and quality.

We walked off lunch at Jungceylon by shopping. We loved the supermarket there as they had a huge selection of cut fruits and cakes!

Before dinner, we went to The Coffee Club, which is different from the one we have in Singapore. Focusing mainly on drinks and cakes, this place is good for a quick catch up with friends.

We met a couple of ex-students here! What a coincidence!

Instead of taking a taxi back to Club Med, we opted for Tuk Tuk, which cost pretty much the same as a taxi.

On Sunday, we went to Naka Weekend Market at Phuket Town. It opens at 4pm and draws quite a crowd later in the evening. It reminded us of a less squeezy Chatuchak.

I did not take much pictures there as I was too busy eating and shopping. We tried a lot of food there, like mung bean dessert, sweet corn, mini macarons, coconut jelly, fish cakes and chicken wings. The most memorable being tissue roti prata with condensed milk (30 Baht = SGD$1.20). Thin, sweet and crisp! Two thumbs up! Shopping there was also fantastic, but you have to remember to bargain!

On our last day, we headed back to Mali Chic to pass time before our three our massage session at Mook Massage.

We took a 2.5 hour package of aloe vera massage, body scrub and head massage (1,900 Baht = SGD$74.50).

The spa was clean and spacious. The head massage ended up being a face massage, but I loved what the aloe vera did for my slightly sunburned skin. The best thing is that there was no sticky residue after the massage, so we did not feel uncomfortable when we had lunch afterwards.

Sad to say, our last meal in Phuket at Chai Restaurant was a letdown. I have also learnt that Thai restaurants in Thailand need not necessarily sell good Thai food. Try to read some reviews before your trip to make an informed decision.

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