[New Extension] The Tuckshop & The Recess @ Guillemard Road

Thanks to Burpple, I got to experience dining in The Tuckshop’s new extension, delightfully named The Recess. The Tuckshop is not new to the dining scene in Singapore, having opened about two years back. However, they have recently bought over the space next door (401 Guillemard Road) and transformed it into a social space for private events and consignment shops.

The space is actually versatile, so if you would like to use it to conduct workshops instead, it can be configured to suit your needs. Also, food and beverages can be catered from The Tuckshop.

Kiwi Pisang Smoothie ($7.50). The drink is not cheap and not many people I know would pay $7.50 for a small glass of smoothie, but I think we have to take into consideration that the cost price of ingredients is quite high.

Citrus Infused Water ($7), comes with lemon, orange and lime. Other Infused Water flavours are Cucumber Mint and Orange Mint. I would prefer if they had a still option instead of sparkling.

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[Newly Opened] Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro @ Alexandra Central (Media Tasting)

If the name Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro sounds familiar to you, it is because you have probably heard of its sister bistro Atmosphere Bistro Bar, located at Parkland Green @ East Coast Park. This is their latest venture further inland from the coast, in one of the newest malls, Alexandra Central.

You will find that the decor here differs greatly from the one at East Coast Park. I love how bright and spacious the place is. A very comfortable and classy hangout with the high back cushioned chairs and marble tables, which makes you feel like spending your afternoon next to the window and savouring a cup of coffee.

What will draw patrons to this cafe is the wonderful 3D coffee art. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

We were very fortunate to have the experienced barista in house. We did not request for any specific characters but you can probably tell that she is good at what she does! The price of the coffee ranges from $4 for an Espresso to $10.50 for a Baileys Latte. If you would like something decaffeinated but with 3d art, you may order a hot chocolate.

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[Newly Opened] Hao Jiang Kee 豪江记小厨鱼头炉 @ Bukit Batok

Never did I know that there is actually another Tze Char (or Zi Char) place so near my house. Hao Jiang Kee 豪江记小厨鱼头炉 , previously known as 818 Seafood Paradise, is located at The Eiltist, one of the buildings within the industrial area of Bukit Batok Crescent. Before shifting to Bukit Batok, the stall was located at the big lorries carpark at Old Jurong Road, however a change of management necessitated a move.

The stall is one of many at Fu Eating House. Both the chefs at Hao Jiang Kee have over ten years of experience and had been cooking with the stall since they were at Jurong. As the name suggests, 鱼头炉 (fish head steamboat) is their signature item.

You may opt for the Fishhead Steamboat or Sliced Fish Steamboat, both at an affordable cost of $25. The steamboat comes with a generous amount of fish, but if you are hankering for more to add to your steamboat, they also have red garoupa, pomfret, prawns and fish maw available. Two thumbs up to the chef for the perfect presentation of the fresh fish.

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All Things Black And White at Monochrome Bistro @ South Bridge Road (Media Tasting)

Love black and white colour schemes or wish to have a meal in a black and white restaurant? Then, you should try Monochrome Bistro along South Bridge Road. The bold yet classy decor of the bistro was carefully selected by the owners and you cannot help but be drawn to the exterior as you are walking along the pathway outside.

The Bonding ($16). A basket full of goodness, comprising of three types of wings: Honey Oat, Chilli Crab and Favourite House Wings. Imagine crispy marinated mid-wings coated with honey and oats, or chilli crab sauce or Thai sweet chilli! So delicious! If you love chicken wings, you have to try this!

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Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bistro @ Forum The Shopping Mall

This is going to be a short post! Benjamin Browns as everyone knows is famous for their OTT Shakes, which stands for “Over The Top”. A normal shake is priced around $12, but a OTT one with all the trimmings costs around $16. This is my second visit and I decided to try another flavour of their OTT Shake.

However, what many do not know is that they serve a mean Aglio Olio! The original version comes with seafood ($23), but I asked for bacon instead. I do agree that the pasta is priced on the high side but I loved it! The chef was not afraid to kick it up a notch  with the spiciness. Also, it was full-flavoured with fresh herbs and chopped garlic.

This time around I ordered OTT Cookies & Cream Shake. However, I felt that the milkshake with the trimmings was not as impressive as the Nutella one I had during my first visit. By the way, remember to go after 12pm if you intend to try their OTT Shakes. They are only available after noon.

Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery
583 Orchard Road #01-20/21,
Forum The Shopping Mall,
Singapore 238884
Tel: 6887 4117
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursdays 1000-2100hrs
Friday 1000-2200hrs
Saturday 0900-2200hrs
Sunday 0900-2100hrs

Official Launch of Online Gourmet Cake Shop Cakes Online (Media Tasting)

If you always find ordering cakes a hassle, as you need to make two separate trips down to a bakery to place your order and collect it, then I have a solution for you! CakesOnline,sg, is a brand new online gourmet cake shop, with ISO 22000 certification. The cakes are alcohol free and you may make special requests like cutting the cakes up into bite-sized pieces. The best thing is, they deliver for free!

Chocolate Slated Caramel Tart ($65). A trending flavour now in cafes and bakeries, and CakeOnline.sg is no exception. Bittersweet chocolate ganache and gooey salted caramel, this is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

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Phuket Travelogue 2: Mali Chic, Number 6 Restaurant, Naka Market & More!

Location is key and I was glad that just across from Club Med Phuket was a whole stretch of restaurants, cafes, street food, spa outlets and shops. During our free time, we would hang out at one of the cafes or walk around the area.

One of our favourite hang outs was Mali Chic Restaurant, located in the newly opened Palm Square, just a stone’s throw away from the entrance of Club Med.

Friendly staff, beautiful decor, lovely ambiance with floor to ceiling windows. What is there not to like?

After our first visit, we mostly returned for drinks and ice cream. I highly recommend the mango and coconut ice cream from their homemade ice cream section. There are many flavours available but these were the most memorable ones, you can actually taste the bits of mango and richness of the coconut.

The Chocolate Tart (160 Baht = SGD$6.30), served with orange sabayon and strawberry ice cream is another must try. Presented beautifully and tasted exquisite. Definitely something you cannot find of this standard for this price in Singapore.

The meal above cost us 1729 Baht (SGD$67.70). Honestly, the Thai food was only average, but the drinks, dessert and ambiance made it ok.

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