Beautiful Plated Desserts at Art Art And Away @ Tessensohn Road (Media Tasting)

Art Art And Away, a decorative art retail store and dessert cafe, is located a few minutes’ walk down the street from Farrer Park MRT Station Exit B. The shophouse was relatively easy to find and just a couple of shops from its sister restaurant Hungry Heroes. Similar to the hero-themed shop where the owner’s extensive collection of memorabilia fill the walls, Art Art And Away also has a fun and quirky interior, but teeming with colourful pop art pieces instead.

The food seems to mirror the bright and unique decor as the playful element was also injected into the menu. As you can see from the colourful and eye-catching menu above, Art Art And Away serves a variety of specialty coffee, gourmet tea, cakes, pastries and signature local desserts with a contemporary twist.

For the duration of my tasting, I was seated at the counter, with both ZQ and Gavin for company as they created the desserts right in front of me. They talked me through the process and patiently explained the fresh ingredients used. After observing them, I realised a plated dessert takes about ten minutes of preparation time and a lot of care and precision. Hence, I feel that the prices here are really reasonable.

My favourite dessert, while not the most photogenic is the Local Chendol Sundae ($8). This tall glass of sundae comes with two scoops of coconut ice cream, served with gula melaka, pandan strips, red bean and corn. The ice cream was rich, the sauce was not too sweet and the chendol was soft, which made it easy for me to down the whole ice cream in a short while.

The first of the plated local desserts with a contemporary twist that I had was New Wave Mango Pudding ($12). The dessert consists of mango pudding, passion fruit gel, coconut caviar, pomegranate and mango ice cream. Initially I felt that the dessert was just average when I had the pudding alone, however when it was paired with the other items on the plate, it was delicious.

Coconut-Cutting-Edge Pudding ($12), served with coconut pudding, kaya, coconut jelly, red ruby and jackfruit, was the second. Among all the desserts, if you judge this based on amount of food on the plate, it is the least,.Yet, it was one of the most time consuming one to plate. I really loved how the kaya and coconut complemented each other.

Chocolate Chip Eggettes ($12), served with vanilla ice cream, fresh fruits and cream. The batter is made fresh every day just as the cafe opens and since I was there at about 1pm, I got to see the eggette batter in making. Sad to say, this was the one dessert that I was not impressed with. The batter was too much and instead of it being airy inside, it was dense. What I liked about ZQ and Gavin is that they are both open to constructive feedback and that is why I think patrons would continue to return.

Other than the types of desserts shown here, Art Art And Away also specialises in hu, a traditional Chinese paste dessert, which is made in house daily. I had both the peanut and almond version and I preferred the almond one. ZQ strongly recommended the sesame paste, but I was afraid of getting my mouth all black. Also, if you are a fan of cakes, their Asian flavoured cheesecakes are something different.

Art Art And Away
27 Tessensohn Road
Singapore 217698
Tel: 6291 2612
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 1530-2230hrs
Saturday & Sunday 1300-200hrs
Closed on Mondays

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