A Guide to Palette Restaurant & Bar @ Capitol Piazza (Media Tasting)

Many bloggers and foodies have been talking about this new multi-brand dining concept called Palette Restaurant & Bar by BreadTalk Group, located at Capitol Piazza. Some liken it to a high-end food court, while others rave about having ten specialty food brands all under one roof. Over here, you can find over 400 different dishes on one menu, from street food from around the region to gourmet delicacies.

The ten food brands are:

  1. Huat Huat BBQ
  2. Delhi 6
  3. Ah Koong Restaurant
  4. Yong Xin Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle
  5. Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant
  6. Hok Kee Authentic Hong Kong Noodle & Congee
  7. Balestier Bak Kut Teh
  8. IndoChili
  9. Little Nanyang
  10. 90 Gastro Bar

You will not have to worry about finding a seat because the dining hall seats 420 guests comfortably as it spans 12,000 square feet. Also, ordering is done through an iPad, so you do not have to stand at a stall and wait for your food.

Each table comes with a jar of fruit and herb-infused water ($3, free flow), which is as good as ordering a drink from a stall.


Famous for its BBQ chicken wings for about 14 years, Huat Huat BBQ has also set up stall here at Palette.

Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings (half a dozen for $12). Chicken wings marinated with Chinese rose wine, barbequed and served with chilli sauce. The special marinate added fragrance and sweetness to the meat. I wish I had more space for this!

2. DELHI 6

Other than local food, you can also find North-West Indian cuisine by Delhi 6. The dishes are cooked with two electric tandoors (Indian clay oven).

Paneer Ke Sholey Roll ($11.90). Roomali (thin flatbread) roll with spiced Calcutta cottage cheese and vegetables. According to the staff there, this is a must try because it is very good. The flavours melded together brilliantly and it is a good option for vegetarians.

Lahori Boti Kebab ($16). Boneless mutton marinated for three to four days with green mango and papaya, then tandoori-grilled with masala spices. I would have preferred if this was chicken because the mutton was rather gamey.


This noodle stall is a Johor Bahru noodle joint renowned since 1987 for its handmade fishcake and fishballs. This is the sixth outlet of the chain and Singaporeans can now try its preservative-free fishballs and yong tau foo.

Dry Fishball Noodles ($7.90). Malaysian-imported yellow noodles with black sauce, fishballs, minced pork and fried shallots. I thought the noodles were tossed in sweet black sauce, so it was quite unsettling when I tasted a whole lot of salty. I did enjoy the fishballs though, they were chewy and fresh.

Fried Fish Cake ($4.90), made from ikan parang (wolf-herring) fish paste. Honestly, with the many options available at Palette, I would give this a miss because I would rather save space for something more special.


Yong Xin has ten outlets all over Singapore and it is famous for its hokkien mee, which is a result of their masterchef’s 16 years of training.

Fried Hokkien Crayfish Mee ($15). Yellow noodles and thick vermicelli wok-fried in prawn stock, topped with steamed crayfish. If you are bored of regular hokkien mee and want to spice it up with something, this is the noodles for you! By the way, I forgot to take a picture of this because we tried so many dishes, so I had to get it from my close friend Vivienne.


Most Singaporeans would be familiar with the name “Ah Yat”, but many might not know that it is actually a Hong Kong brand. Hailing from the famous restaurant chain, this stall serves some of its popular Chinese-style seafood dishes.

Baked Rice with Abalone ($18). Egg fried rice oven-baked with their signature abalone sauce, baby abalone and sea whelk (which is a type of sea snail).


Hok Kee is a Hong Kong based wonton and beef noodle specialist with over 60 years of heritage. It has also been touted as “Ten Best Delicacies in Yuen Long” (an area in Hong Kong) since 2000.

Braised Beef Brisket Noodles ($9). Beef brisket braised for two and a half hours in a blend of ten spices, served with homemade dried chilli oil. Very tender beef brisket!

Wonton Noodles ($8). Handmade pork and shrimp wontons with Chinese ham, served in prawn and pork broth. This also comes in a dry version.


This is a household name in Singapore, whose pork bones are known for being tender and flavourful.

Premium Pork Ribs Soup ($9.50). Meat loin rib bones simmered in peppery herbal broth. I just could not get enough of the soup! In addition, the meat is so soft it falls off the bone easily.


This stall serves traditional recipes from different parts of Indonesia, namely Padang, Bali and Java. IndoChili offers a comprehensive menu of both Indonesian and Indo-Peranakan dishes.

Nasi Tumpeng Mini ($9.50). Turmeric rice with bergedil (fried potato patty), grated coconut, keropok (deep fried crackers), achar (pickles), tempe (soy patty) and ayam bumbu rujak (spicy chicken). This is a good representation of Indonesian food! Best of all, you get to try so many different things on one plate.

Sate Ayam Madura (5 pieces for $8.80). These grilled chicken skewers are unlike no other with their specially homemade peanut sauce, kecap manis (Indonesia sweet soy sauce) and fried shallots. The sauce is a thick blended sauce, rather than the ones we are used to with chunky peanut bits.

Rendang Sapi ($10.80). Padang-style beef rendang slow-cooked with spices for four to six hours. I found this rather tough.


This stall premiers for the first time with zi char items and Singapore’s well-recognised Hainanese chicken rice.

Hainanese Steamed Chicken by Little Nanyang (quarter chicken for $9). Steamed chicken served with chilli sauce, ground ginger and black sweet sauce. This was missing the rice! How can one not have rice with the chicken?


Finally, to end off your meal with a bang, enjoy desserts from 90 Gastro Bar, which serves modernised desserts and Singapore-inspired cocktails.

The names of their cocktails attributes a significant history of Capitol Piazza, just like Musical Express ($17), which is named after a locally-produced show that was launched in 1967. This cocktail is made with pandan and banana-infused rum, boiled pandan syrup, banana liqueur and milk.

Soldier ($17). Pandan and banana-infused rum, topped with Frangelico, chocolate syrup & milk. I preferred the Musical Express to this because that one was lighter and hence you could taste all the flavours. For this, the chocolate covered the subtle pandan taste.

Golden Chilled Mango Soup with Mango & Citrus Fruits ($8). Blend of mango ice cream, mango pureee and coconut milk. This is really addictive! Despite the fact that I was already very full from everything above, I still finished this!

Sunset Gula Melaka Banana Parfait & Butterscotch ($8). Layers of mascarpone and crushed Oreos, topped with fresh banana slices and glazed with butterscotch sauce. This was good as the dessert before, but the soup was easier on the stomach after such a filling meal.

Overall, I feel that the food here is on the high side, especially for locals who know where to find the best and more affordable hawker stalls. However, this is a really convenient place to enjoy food from local favourites to restaurants and bars. Also, this is a good place for tourists who wish to try a little bit of everything.

Palette Restaurant & Bar
13 Stamford Road, #B1-20/27,
Capitol Piazza,
Singapore 178905
Tel: 6384 3359
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1100-2230hrs

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