Violet Herbs @ Tras Street (Media Tasting)

Violet Herbs first opened its doors on Tras Street in January 2015 and is famous for its modern European cuisine. The name Violet Herbs is inspired by the rare and unique purple-coloured herbs in nature. Hence, the restaurant hopes to offer excellent semi-fine dining experience at affordable prices.

The restaurant is helmed by Chef Edward Hoe, who at the young age of 34, already has almost 20 years of experience under his belt. He held various executive roles at restaurants like Restaurant Ember and Keystone Restaurant perfecting his culinary skills before deciding to open his own restaurant.

The restaurant is housed within a two-storey conservation shophouse. The main dining area which seats 28 people, reflects the colour of the name of the restaurant. With elegant purple and grey hues, high ceilings and mirrors on its wall, it is a comfortable and inviting place to dine at.

The second floor dining area seats about 28 too. Off the second floor is a private room which can seat about fourteen people or can be separated into two smaller rooms of eight people.

Amuse bouche of the day was Duck Confit with Champagne Jelly. The amuse bouche changes daily, depending on the day’s fresh ingredients and chef’s inspiration. It was served with Saffron Parmesan Bun and a dip made with garlic, parsley and mint.

Pistachio and Herb Crusted Scallops ($18). Butternut squash puree with bisque gel, potato chips and chocolate soil. This is a tasting portion and the original one comes with three encrusted scallops. The paper-thin potato chips are used to sandwich pieces of parma ham in between!

Lobster Cappuccino & Brandy ($14). Boston lobster stock simmered for six hours and cooked again with red wine and cream,  finished off with a dash of cognac, then topped with juniper form. A common consensus among the foodies is that the soup tasted like a combination of gula melaka and burnt coffee. In a similar fashion to the dish above, this is also a tasting portion, but it was quite filling.

Ebi Pasta ($32). Angel hair pasta with bird’s eye chilli, sakura ebi, rayu oil and lobster essence. The presentation style has an uncanny resemblance to that of Saveur. Taste-wise they are almost the same but the portion here is a main course size, whereas the one at Saveur is more of an appetiser. The noodles had an aftertaste that was similar to that of wonton mee.

Roasted Lamb Rump ($32). Roasted lamb rump , served medium, with sauteed baby spinach, creamy sweet corn and lamb jus in a test tube. I really loved this! It is so tender and lacking the usual game smell that it reminded me of veal!

Marinated Red Miso Cod ($33). The colouration of the cod comes from being marinated for 24 hours in a black miso and beetroot puree. The 160g fish is served with roasted pumpkin puree, fried purple aubergine topped with almonds and mixed herbs.

Sous Vide 48 Hours Wagyu Beef Cheek ($32), served with fregola sarda, white balsamic, zucchini spheres and glazed in a red wine and port reduction. I initially thought that the tiny pearl-like pasta was cous cous! It was quite hard to get a good shot of this because it just looked so brown. However, it was one delicious dish!

Frozen Nougat ($14), served mixed fruit, lychee sorbet in raspberry sauce. This is another tasting portion.

The good news to dining here at Violet Herbs is that there is no GST charged to your bill, only the 10% service charge will be included.

  • Friday Promotion: Don a violet-coloured outfit and enjoy 50% off your total bill every Friday from 6pm to 10pm till 28 August 2015.

Violet Herbs
81 Tras Street
Singapore 079020
Tel: 6221 3988
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 1130-1500hrs and 1800-2200hrs
Closed on Sundays.

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