New Mannuvasanai Menu at Muthu’s Curry @ Race Course Road (Media Tasting)

It is Muthu’s Curry’s 46th birthday! The Indian restaurant has come a long way, from Muthu Makan shop on Klang Road of the past to an icon of South Indian Food in Singapore. To celebrate the joyous occasion, the Indian restaurant has launched a new Mannuvasanai Menu ($32 for two pax), which is only available at the Race Course Road flagship outlet.

This menu is something special and embraces the heritage of late founder Mr Ayyakkannu’s birthplace, Chettinad in South India.The name ‘Mannuvasanai’ means fragrance from the land in Tamil, hence it includes signature and authentic dishes from Chettinad, which are typically enjoyed either at home or at elaborate banquets. The dishes are planned and prepared by a chef from Chettinad.

I ordered Mango Lassi ($7), which came in a towering glass. You can choose from plain, strawberry or honeydew, which cost $6 instead, or order from the comprehensive drinks list.

This Fish Head Curry ($22/27/32). This is the signature dish that Mr Ayyakkannu had created in 1969. It is still a crowd-favourite today!

Before the set is served, a huge banana leaf is placed in front of you and one of the staff will put a small spoonful of salt and homemade mango achar on it. I never knew that there was a meaning behind this gesture! The salt is to symbolise the bond between the host and guest.

The set for two above is actually more than enough for two and the set is available all day from Monday to Friday. from 15 June to 31 October 2015, only at the Race Course Road flagship outlet.

The Mannuvasani Menu consists of:

  • Vazhathandu Kootu–banana shoots, which is rich in potassium
  • Vendaikkai and Mochai Mandi–lady’s fingers with white kidney beans
  • Vazhakkai Varruval–lightly battered and shallow-fried unripened bananas in spices
  • Milagu Varutha Kozhi–masala chicken dish
  • Vanjaram Meen Kulambu--thick-cut mackerel fillet
  • Homemade buttermilk
  • Payasam–South Indian rice pudding

From this menu, you will be able to taste recipes that have been passed down from generations and the important spices in Chettinad-style cooking like coriander and shallots.

The meal is a good balance of carbohydrates and proteins and an even mix of dry, semi-dry and dishes with sauce. As you can see from above, the dishes are served in terracotta pots.

We got to try our hand at making some chapati, a type of Indian flatbread, which is actually not sold her at the outlet. The chef did it so skilfully and quickly, and his chapati turned out thin and circular. However, when it was my turn, my chapati was rather uneven and oval in shape, but I had fun!

Muthu’s Curry @ Race Course Road
138 Race Course Road, #01-01
Singapore 218591
Tel: 6392 1722
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1030-2230hrs

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