Pizza and More at Tony’s Pizza @ Bugis Junction (Media Tasting)

I was invited to Tony’s Pizza for some classic hand-tossed New York pizza. Prior to this and watching Good Mythical Morning, I could not really differentiate between the different types of pizzas. Apparently, the New York pizza is a thin-crust pizza and can be folded in half and eaten, whereas the Chicago pizza is considered a deep dish pizza which allows for more toppings to be piled on.

We started with drinks first, all of us choosing either Lemonade or Strawberry Lemonade ($4). Although I ordered the strawberry version, I think the original one was nicer.

Since a pizza pan came with eight slices, we ordered one slice of each flavour, except for Love for Veggie.

  • Signature Menu ($4.90 per slice): Cheese
  • Classic Menu ($7 per slice): BBQ Supreme, Tony’s Signature (pepperoni and olives), All Time Favourite Meat Lover, Spicy Buffalo Chicken and Classic Hawaiian
  • Premium Menu ($8 per slice): Seafood Fiesta and Truffle

The items from the Premium Menu were supposed to be a monthly special, but they were so in demand even after the promotion was over that Tony’s Pizza decided to add them to the main menu. I would recommend that you try both flavours.

Smoked Duck Black Pepper Cream Pasta ($14.90). The sauce of this pasta was surprisingly addictive and was a favourite amongst us. We heard that some customers actually like it so much that even when there is no smoked duck available, they would request for the pasta to be served plain with the sauce.

Tony’s Special Meatballs Pasta ($12.90). The meatballs and tomato sauce are made in house and I liked how juicy and tender the meatballs were. Should you be feeling peckish and would like to have the meatballs without all the carbohydrates, you can order it as a side, four pieces for $8.

We had only space for one burger, so we went for the all-kill All The Works ($14.90). Buttered buns, double grilled beef patties, onion, lettuce, tomato, gherkin, tater tots, bacon and tangy mayo sauce. A monster burger not for the faint-hearted!

You may choose to complete your pasta or burger order with a set combo, which includes wedges and soft drink, for $2 during lunch (11am to 2pm) and $4.90 from 2pm to last order. This is available only on weekdays, excluding public holidays.

Buffalo Wings (six pieces $6.90, 12 pieces $12.90), comes with a choice of Naked, Mild, Hot, Atomic and BBQ sauce. Hot for me was just nice, but for those of us who could take the heat, Atomic was not enough.

This cute plush toy comes free with every Kids Combo meal purchased. I think this alone already covers the $6.90 from the meal, which comes with soft drink, wedges and either pizza or pasta.

Tony’s Pizza is also delivering pizza from this outlet (6737 4992) and its River Valley Road outlet (6777 4992), and has recently expanded its delivery zones. You can now get New York pizza delivered to your doorstep!

Tony’s Pizza @ Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street, #01-68A,
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6737 4992
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 1100-2200hrs
Friday and Saturday 1100-2300hrs

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