Bali Travelogue 1: Club Med Bali and Waterbom Park

Sis and I went for a little getaway at Bali in June. For the first part of our trip, we stayed at Club Med, which is located at Nusa Dua. The resort was recently named Best Resort for Families in Asia by Tripadvisor.
The resort was quite a short ride from the airport. We were quickly introduced to our G.O. Deepak, who showed us around the place and led us to our rooms. At Club Med, the facilitators or instructors are called Gentil Organisateurs (G.O) and guests are known as Gentil Membres (G.M). The whole concept is to ensure that you have a unique experience, full of entertainment, services and activities.

The structure of the building is that the smaller rooms are at the top floor and the bigger rooms with spacious terraces or balconies are on the lower floors. There is no lift here at the resort.

We stayed at the no frills standard Club Room, which has a garden view. Since it was a last minute booking, we were left with no other room choice. Also, after staying there, we realised that we spent almost all our hours out of the room that it did not really matter whether we stayed in one with a balcony or terrace.

In your room, you will get a sheet filled with information about various sports and activities around the resort. If you do not want to carry this around with you, there are a few touch screen TVs around the lobby area where you can get similar information.

After settling down, we went for lunch. The staff at the entrance asked if we would like somewhere quiet and we were fine with that. She led us to the Divinity Room at the side of the restaurant, which is reserved for adults only. I thought it was really nice of them, that even as this is a family resort, they still had an area just for adults.

After lunch, we hailed a cab and headed to Waterbom Bali, Asia’s number one water park (according to Tripadvisor). Interestingly, the water park is located centrally in the heart of Kuta, surrounded by shops, malls and the beach! A day’s ticket costs USD$33 for adults (SGD$44.50) and USD$21 (SGD$28.50) for children 11 years and below. The price for the ticket includes same day re-entry, use of all water slides, tubes and mats.

What is really cool about this water park is that they believe in cashless payment! Upon arrival, you will be given a Splash Band, which will store credit information. For your convenience and safety, you just need to scan your band you want to make any payment. This makes it so much easier as you can just leave your belongings in the lockers, without having to carry them around.

We loved all the rides, especially Boomerang, where you face a 20 metres drop at 70km/h and get swept up again in no time. Climax was another heart stopper, with a trap door opening, almost vertical drop and a loop all in seven seconds! However, I must say, the Lazy River could not compare to the one at Adventure Cove at Sentosa, which even has a Ray Bay.

The water park is actually equipped with many services, from massage to fish spa to nail parlour and hair braiding station! There are several gazebos around the water park and they also come in various sizes. Prices starting from Rp180,000 (SGD$18) for a regular sized one to a private one for 12 at Rp1,000,000 (SGD$100).

Sis and I had a little break in between our fun. We went to one of the food outlets and had a coconut Rp25,000 (SGD$2.50) and waffle topped with caramelised bananas for Rp37,500 (SGD$3.75). I thought the prices were quite reasonable for a tourist attraction.

As mentioned earlier, you can use the Splash Band to make purchases by storing your chosen amount into the band. There are numerous Balance Check machines around the water park for you to check how much you have left.

There were a few rides still undergoing construction, like the Twin Racers, Smash Down 2.0 and Fast N Fierce. The estimated date of completion is end June 2015.

At the end of our day at Waterbom Bali, it was easy for us to head back to Club Med from the park. If you want to get a cab and do not want the hassle of hailing for one, just inform the Customer Service Counter that you would like a cab and they will call one for you at no additional charge.

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was around 6pm. We washed up and went for dinner.

This table was “our breakfast table” for the duration that we stayed at Club Med. Surprisingly (or maybe not), not many people like to sit on high chairs.

The food at Club Med is international buffet, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are many stations like Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Salad, etc, where they will present selected dishes for each meals, ensuring that you will be well-covered whatever your food preferences are.

There will be a performance every night at Club Med Bali and for the first night that we were there, it was a traditional Indonesian dance.

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