Freshly Made Pasta at Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore @ Bukit Timah Road

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore first started operation in 1988 as a three-table restaurant and has since build its reputation and number of loyal patrons. The restaurant located at Bukit Timah is famous for its wide selection of freshly made pasta and sauces, using fresh ingredients imported from Italy.

One whole page in the menu is dedicated just to pasta selection, presenting 15 types of freshly made pasta with no preservatives or additives to customise your pasta dish with your preferred pasta choice! From the common spaghetti and linguine to the more unusual tortellini and rigatoni, Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore has pasta of all shapes and sizes.

Alla Pastora ($17.90). Being a big fan of aglio olio, it is no wonder I ordered from their olive oil based pasta selection. This pasta has a shepherd inspired sauce of bacon (and mushrooms but I asked for it to be without), sauteed in olive oil, garlic and chilli. The chilli was indistinguishable and I had to add chilli flakes for taste.

Ravioli Di Burrata E Tartufo Nero ($25.90), from their seasonal burrata menu. Homemade ravioli with stuffings of burrata cheese and black truffle, tossed in creamy porcini sauce, and topped with crispy parma ham and truffle caviar. All of my favourite things in one dish that melded beautifully together.

Alle Vongole ($20.20). Pasta with clams sauteed with olive oil and garlic, with a choice of white wine (as featured here) or tomato sauce. The choice of pasta was the same as Alla Pastora which was capellini, a very thin kind of pasta. You can really tell the difference between fresh and dried pasta as it is lighter and more delicate.

Risotto Al Frutti De Mare ($22.80). One of the popular dishes there, a mixed seafood risotto with garden peas and white wine in tomato sauce. Just look at the generous amounts of seafood!

Tiramisu Al Mascarpone E Caffe ($10.30), a chef’s recommendation. This traditional Italian mascarpone cheese and coffee cake is delicious! Just the right balance of moistness and right amount of alcohol. If you are interested, whole tiramisu cakes are available with advance order.

Creme Caramel Italiano ($10.30). An eggy custard pudding which is reminiscent of creme brulee but softer, with caramel sauce. I did like this but wish it was bigger. By the way, all their Italian desserts are priced at $10.30.

Overall, I found the prices here very reasonable as they were very generous with their ingredients. Also, where else can you find such a wide selection of homemade pasta in Singapore at such prices?

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore
833 Bukit Timah Road, #01-02/03
Singapore 279887
Tel: 6469 4920
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 1130-1500hrs and 1800-2300hrs
Saturday 1130-1500hrs and 1700-2300hrs
Sunday and PH 1130-2300hrs

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