Eyebrow Enliven at HighBrow @ The Star Vista

I must state up front that eyebrow embroidery had never crossed my mind. The reason why I made a trip down to HighBrow in the first place was actually for their Eye Define ($500, semi-permanent eyeliner) because anyone who knows me know that I can do without any form of makeup but eyeliner, which is what I did for this session.

However, when I got there and talked about how I wanted the eyeliner to be drawn, which was thick with a wing at the end, Creative Director Andy told me that he would not recommend that as he did not want to risk tattooing my eyelids. Another reason he gave why my eyes are not suitable for Eye Define is because I have single eyelids and the the effect would not be as obvious. Similarly, that is the reason why I usually draw my eyeliner thick as anything less would not be visible.

After much discussion, we deliberated about trying out Eyebrow Enliven ($878, inclusive of one touch up and aftercare) instead. He drew on one of my eyebrows to show me how it would look like. The effect was instantaneous!

My natural eyebrows are sparse, as you can see from the picture above. And I really liked how it looked after Andy had drawn it. He also explained about the shape he had chosen for me. He drew it not as arched because my face is on the long side, so a distinct arch would make it look longer and a flatter brow would be more flattering on me.

By the way, not related to my eyebrows at all, but I noticed that my soft rebonding is quickly wearing out and my ends are starting to curl again. Not sure if this is the norm.

In the end, the person who did my eyebrows was Hedy and not Andy. Since Andy is the Creative Director, I would have to fork out an additional $400, which is way above what I was willing to pay. She spread some numbing cream over my brows for about twenty minutes before the embroidery began.

The whole embroidery process took about an hour, not including the consult. I could not feel any pain but the sound was quite horrifying. It sounded like a pen knife cutting paper.

The day after, it was clear that one eyebrow was higher and longer than the other. I called HighBrow to see if anything could be done, since the colour was darker on the first day and the difference was apparent, but they said that any alterations can only done during the touch up session a month later as the epidermis of the skin has been disturbed and needed time to heal.

As mentioned earlier, aftercare is included in the price. The Highbrow Care Cream (moisturising and aids healing) and Nourish Essence (anti-swelling and anti-bacterial) to be used for about a week.

After A Few Days

Hedy did warn me that the eyebrow area will start to flake and that there would be patches from where the embroidery has dropped off. It is true. And it is very itchy! Also, the dye has begun to fade. My sis told me that there are different colours for the embroidery but I was not asked. I hope that they did not choose black because I have always dyed my hair brown and I would be really upset.

After A Week

Yes, the colour is black :(. And all of the epidermis have been peeled off, leaving the brows shades lighter than it was before, so the colour is not so obvious.

1 Vista Exchange Green, #B2-25,
The Star Vista,
Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 2777
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1000-2100hrs

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