Red Barron @ Gillman Barracks

My friends and I decided to check out Red Baron after work the other day because it has been trending on Instagram lately and the place was not very far from us. The cafe is situated at Gillman Barracks, just behind the track at the old Saint Andrew’s Junior College campus, current Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST). It is pretty near the main road, and you can get there by walking along the new walkway (ouside AST campus) adjacent to the track.

Most of the tables are alfresco and there are only limited seats indoors. One of the main things that will grab your attention as you enter the cafe is the huge cake chillier at the right side of the dining area.

But first, we got down to having our lunch before desserts.

Garlic Butter Prawns($12), linguine served with prawns, garlic butter and chilli flakes, not to mention a heavy hand of cheese. I did not quite fancy that much cheese with a garlic based pasta. However, overall this was much better than the next pasta. By the way, all pastas are served with linguine here.

Creamy Herbed Chicken ($12), served with rosemary, thyme, chicken and mushrooms. I have never really been a fan of cream sauce but I thought to give this a try. The overcooked and limp linguine did not help. As what my friend had said, it tasted more like noodles than pasta.

Chicken Chocolate Mole ($12). Lemongrass chicken thigh, chocolate mole sauce and tomatoes. This was probably the only main that was worth having. The chicken thigh portion was huge, akin to having a whole chicken chop. Also, it was tender and juicy.

Beef Ploughman ($12). This sandwich came with striploin, caramelised onion and cheese.

Chocolate Cake ($7). Their cakes are homemade and for the choices available that day, refer to the cake chiller. As chocolate cakes go, this was good but not memorable.

French Toast ($7). Brioche, gula melaka, bananas and a scoop of coconut ice cream for an additional $3. Now I understand what the fuss is all about! This was an absolute delight!

Red Baron
45 Malan Road
Singapore 108937
Tel: 6334 6734
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 1000-1700hrs

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