Freshly Made Pasta at Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore @ Bukit Timah Road

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore first started operation in 1988 as a three-table restaurant and has since build its reputation and number of loyal patrons. The restaurant located at Bukit Timah is famous for its wide selection of freshly made pasta and sauces, using fresh ingredients imported from Italy.

One whole page in the menu is dedicated just to pasta selection, presenting 15 types of freshly made pasta with no preservatives or additives to customise your pasta dish with your preferred pasta choice! From the common spaghetti and linguine to the more unusual tortellini and rigatoni, Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore has pasta of all shapes and sizes.

Alla Pastora ($17.90). Being a big fan of aglio olio, it is no wonder I ordered from their olive oil based pasta selection. This pasta has a shepherd inspired sauce of bacon (and mushrooms but I asked for it to be without), sauteed in olive oil, garlic and chilli. The chilli was indistinguishable and I had to add chilli flakes for taste.

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Decorating Character Homemade Cookies: Tiger And Panda

This is the second time sis and I tried our hand at decorating cookies, and I am pretty satisfied with the results! We were inspired by the tiger and panda cookies from Decorating Cookies: 60+ Designs for Holidays, Celebrations & Everyday by Bridget Edwards.

Sis made vanilla sugar cookies the day before, and I mixed the colours for the royal icing. We only needed three colours which were black, white and orange. In addition to that, we used toothpicks (to help spread the icing), three icing bags and icing tips #1 and #2.
After we had outlined the shapes, we flooded it with the respective colours. The whites were more even as we realised that the orange parts were lumpy due to the thicker consistency and we watered down the white royal icing.

And these are the cookies after they have dried overnight!

Eyebrow Enliven at HighBrow @ The Star Vista

I must state up front that eyebrow embroidery had never crossed my mind. The reason why I made a trip down to HighBrow in the first place was actually for their Eye Define ($500, semi-permanent eyeliner) because anyone who knows me know that I can do without any form of makeup but eyeliner, which is what I did for this session.

However, when I got there and talked about how I wanted the eyeliner to be drawn, which was thick with a wing at the end, Creative Director Andy told me that he would not recommend that as he did not want to risk tattooing my eyelids. Another reason he gave why my eyes are not suitable for Eye Define is because I have single eyelids and the the effect would not be as obvious. Similarly, that is the reason why I usually draw my eyeliner thick as anything less would not be visible.

After much discussion, we deliberated about trying out Eyebrow Enliven ($878, inclusive of one touch up and aftercare) instead. He drew on one of my eyebrows to show me how it would look like. The effect was instantaneous!

My natural eyebrows are sparse, as you can see from the picture above. And I really liked how it looked after Andy had drawn it. He also explained about the shape he had chosen for me. He drew it not as arched because my face is on the long side, so a distinct arch would make it look longer and a flatter brow would be more flattering on me.

By the way, not related to my eyebrows at all, but I noticed that my soft rebonding is quickly wearing out and my ends are starting to curl again. Not sure if this is the norm.

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Gusto by Alfresco Gusto @ ION Orchard

When sis suggested Gusto by Alfresco Gusto for lunch, I thought it sounded familiar but for the life of me, I could not place it. It was only when we reached ION Orchard and saw the external structure that I vaguely remembered dining here with my parents when it first opened. Be that is it may, I could not recall if the food was tasty.

I really love the decor of the place, the pretty prints on the wall and floor, as well as the sleek furniture, You can choose to dine alfresco or indoors, and of course, I was in favour of the air-conditioner.

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Diamond Programme by Sothys: Energy Booster Serum and Energising Radiance Ampoule (Media Invite)

This has to be my first beauty related event! Sothys has recently launched their Diamond Programme, introducing Energy Booster Serum ($279, 30ml) and Energising Radiance Ampoule ($49, 2x 1ml). This skin energising duo promises to restore vitality and luminosity to skin of any age with the use of Siberian ginseng in four weeks.

The concept of using Siberian ginseng was guided by the founder of Sothys, Mr Bernard Mas. Based on research, Siberian ginseng is able to improve the skin’s quality by protecting the mitochondria and preserving the skin’s energy source.

The even was held at Adrift by Celebrity Chef David Myers, located at lobby of Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 2. The restaurant is simply gorgeous! In addition to the main dining area, the restaurant as a bar as well as a second dining room just off the main dining area.

While we listened to Ms Cheryl Lee, General Manager of Sothys Singapore and Malaysia, and Ms Fany Deveze explain about the effects of both products, we got to savour ginseng-infused canapes specially concocted by Executive Sous Chef William Gumport for this event. The incorporation of ginseng into the food is supposed to help energise our skin.

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[Newly Opened] Casse Croute @ Parkwest Condominium Clubhouse

If you were to google Casse Croute, the one from Singapore will not be the first few search results to pop up. That is a pity because this is a place worth checking out. Featuring charcuterie, French specialties and Meal Solution (takeout), this restaurant is a French food haven.

I did not get a picture of Chef Patrick Heuberger, who helms this restaurant, but this is Chef Milo, the other chef in the house. Chef Milo was very friendly and gave us a brief introduction to the concept of the restaurant as well as explained the various dishes to us.

By the way, while Chef Patrick is still quite young, he already has 20 years of experience under his belt and was once the Executive Chef of Au Petite Salut.

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Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar @ Tanglin Road

This was not my first visit to Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar. I actually like how the place is hidden at the back of Tanglin Post Office and seem to be like a secret cafe (the only incongruency with that idea is the expensive cars parked in front of it). There are a few tables outside if you choose to dine al fresco but I prefer to sit inside in this hot and humid weather.

There are plenty of tables to choose from, both high and low. Also, the floor to ceiling window offers great lighting no matter where you are sitting.

Smoked Salmon Salad ($16). Mixed greens, avocado and eggs, served with a flambeed mirin dressing. If you find the toppings of the salad insufficient, you may choose to add bacon or grilled chicken to any salad for an additional $6. Honestly, the portion was filling and enough for one.

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