Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria @ Binjai Park (Media Tasting)

The only reason why I used to frequent Binjai Park, along Bukit Timah Road, is because of Ivins, one of my favourite places for Peranakan food. This time around, another restaurant drew me to this street lined with shophouses, tucked away in a residential estate.

Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria is a small neighbourhood restaurant which opened in 2011 and went through a change in management in 2014. This restaurant prides itself on authentic Italian preparation and cooking methods, as well as its monthly regional specials menu.

The first sight that greeted us was homemade pasta drying on a pole, which accounts for the light and springy texture in the pastas we had later on. Also, you can also smell the aroma of freshly baked bread and pizzas from the brick oven behind the row of pasta. Both the bread and pizza bread were fresh!

The owner, Fabrizio, was very friendly and even dined with us. We found out that he is very accompanied. Not only is he a Dive Master, he is a judo instructor and a sports enthusiast as well. During the course of the meal, Head Chef Domenico, also made appearances throughout the meal to introduce dishes to us.

Before we got started with our meal, we were offered a drink, Spitz ($15). The beverage is a mixture of Prosecco (Italina sparkling wine) and Aperol (Italian aperitif), and usually served before or after a meal. The alcoholic drink is then infused with sweet oranges, cinchona bark and gentian root.

Bresaola ($22). Thinly-sliced house-made air-dried beef seasoned with truffle oil, stuffed with cheese. One thing really great about Capri Trattoria is that their meats are cured weekly in-house. Unlike usual cured meat which is mainly salty, this one has a hint of spice, as the pork and beef are cured with chilli flakes, in addition to the Mediterranean herbs.

Tagliere Casereccio ($28), a platter of home-cured cold cuts like pancetta (pork belly), capocollo (pork neck) and bresaola, served on a bed of rocket salad, accompanied by cheese, cured chilli and sundried tomatoes. This antipasti is from Calabria, Southern Italy, and is only available in Capri Trattoria in June.

Capri Trattoria has started launching monthly regional menus since April 2015. The menu features three distinct dishes of a selected region or province of Italy. The dish above is from a part of Italy which loves their food intense and spicy!

A notable antipasti is the Gamberi e Cappesante alle Erbe ($20), comprising of prawns and scallops seasoned in Mediterranean herbs and pan-seared in olive oil. This is indeed an extremely Instagram-worthy dish!

Another dish available in the month of June at Capri Trattoria is Pasta Riccia All’nduja ($25), a wide and flat hand-made pasta is tossed in house-made nduja, which consists of pork, olive oil, garlic, black pepper, chilli flakes and ricotta. Then, it is topped with Parmesan.

One of the monthly specials for May is Cannarozzi allo Zafferano ($25). This is a tube pasta with ricotta and bacon, sauteed in saffron sauce.

Cacciucco alla Livornese ($28), a bowl filled to the brim with seafood such as mussels, shelled prawns, squid, clams, crayfish and cod in tomato-based sauce. Home-baked bread is served on the side for you to polish up the dish and not waste a single drop.

A popular pick here is the Cotoletta alla Milanese ($48), 300gm bone-in deep-fried breaded veal chop, which strangely reminded me of tonkatsu (Japanese deep-fried pork cutlet). This is served with roasted potatoes and a side salad.

There is a special way that the chef cooks the veal to maintain the rosy pink centre and crisp exterior. He lightly pounds the meat to tenderise it, then coats it in egg wash and dusts it with flour and breadcrumbs. The veal is then deep-fried for five to six minutes in premium vegetable oil. Lastly, desserts here are priced at reasonable cost of $10 each!

Bestseller Torta al Limone ($10), homemade lemon cake with cream. This was my favourite dessert! I am not sure how to describe it exactly; It was dense yet still light, with a lemon flavour that was not too overpowering. I am not a fan of cream, but I could not help finish it with the cake.

Pannacotta ($10), served with dark Italian cherries in a jar. This was ok but not the best panna cotta I have had.

Surprise dessert! It kinds of look like a poached egg! Fabrizio refused to tell us what it was and wanted us to guess for ourselves. This is vanilla ice cream with olive oil and pepper! The taste was quite distinct and I did not fancy eating olive oil cold and in such a huge amount.

By the way, ff you would prefer to have something more special, you may customise your own menu with advanced noticed. Also, with a minimum spending of $4000, you can reserve the entire restaurant.

  • Corkage: $25 for wines
  • Bring your own cake: $35 per cake
  • Complimentary valet parking available for dinner every Friday to Sunday

Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria
3 Binjai Park,
Singapore 589819
Tel: 6468 4886
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 1200-1430hrs and 1800-2230hrs
Closed on Mondays.

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