Singapore Favourites Inspired Dumplings from Park Palace @ Grand Park City Hall

With Park Palace introducing localised dumplings, we Singaporeans have something to look forward to this Dragon Boat Festival! This restaurant located at Grand Park City Hall has introduced three new rice dumplings based on some of the most well-loved local dishes in Singapore.

Singapore Chilli Crab Dumpling ($8.80), served with chilli crab sauce, complete with egg white and crab meat. Many people equate chilli crab to our national dish and thus, this was not missed in the series of newly inspired dumplings. However, I found that the dumpling lacked the sweetness and spiciness normally found in this local dish.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Dumpling ($8.80), served with house-made chilli sauce, spicy ground ginger and chives. This was my favourite among the four dumplings (I would recommend this). The distinct flavour of chicken rice is evident in this remake of our hawker favourite.

Chef Chan Kung Lai marinates the raw glutinous rice with garlic, onions, ginger, pandan leaves, and lemongrass before dry-frying. The rice is then wrapped around chicken thigh meat in bamboo leaves and boiled in chicken stock for four hours.

Bak Kut Teh Dumpling ($12.80), the most unique in shape (pork bone sticking out like a lollipop) and hardest to open. This pork rib in this dumpling is simmered for two hours in a broth with over ten spices and berbs, and came with a bowl of bak kut teh (pork bone soup). A pity that I could not taste the flavour that I would associate with such effort. Fortunately, the soup was good.

Hong Kong-Style Guo Zheng Zhong Dumpling ($18.80), which is back by popular demand. This is one huge bak chang, full of delicious ingredients like roast duck, roast pork, dried chestnuts, salted egg yolk, lotus seeds, dried shrimp, dried scallop, Chinese mushroom and green beans. It is not difficult to see why this is a favourite at Park Palace.

These dumplings will be available from now to 20 June 2015 and call be ordered during dine-in at the restaurant, through phone (6432 5543) or email (

Park Palace @ Grand Park City Hall
10 Coleman Street
Singapore 179809
Tel: 6432 5543
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1130-1430hrs and 1830-2230hrs

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