Birthday Surprise (Part 3): Basilico @ Regent Singapore

After a long day of food, the last part of the birthday surprise was guess what? Still food. Sis brought me to Basilico because it:

  1. Scored a whopping 85% on Hungrygowhere, one of the highest rated Italian Restaurant,
  2. Was awarded Chope’s Diners’ Choice Awards 2014 “Best Hotel Buffet”, and
  3. Was awarded Certificate of Excellence for 2014 on Tripadvisor.

All high praises. The restaurant serves a semi buffet where you get to order a main course and enjoy a buffet spread of antipasti and desserts for $88 per person.

The buffet spread was indeed quite wide, spanning the entire island in the centre of the restaurant. Also, unlike other buffet restaurants where quantity is priced over quality, this restaurant did not stint on the food. I was impressed by the fresh and seasonal ingredients, from its large selection of cheeses to a section dedicated to just olive oils.

My favourite part of the buffet was the cold cuts section! The sweet and juicy rock melon together with proscuitto is something that I can never resist! In fact, after trying the rest of the items, I had another serving of this.

When we were almost done with our buffet, the waiter asked if the kitchen could start preparing our main courses. It was great to see how attentive the service staff was.

Sis ordered Salmone Arrosto con Brodetto di Cozze Sarde allo Zafferano con Aneto e Asparagi Verdi, which is roasted salmon fillet with Sardinian mussels broth in saffron and dill with green asparagus.

I had the Filetto di Angus alla Griglia con Fregola al Funghi misti, Spinaci e Fonduta di Fiore Sardo, aka grilled Angus beef tenderloin, Fregola pasta with forest mushroom, spinach and Fiore Sardo cheese sauce.

My steak was terrible, or should I say steaks WERE terrible. The first one came well done when I ordered medium and I returned it. The next one came almost rare. And then the third steak came tough. It was sad that the main course which should be the focus of the meal was overshadowed by the buffet.

Fortunately, the desserts saved the day, especially the gelato. My favourites among the five flavours are strawberry sorbet and chocolate gelato. The lemon and basilico sorbet was also very refreshing.

The staff was apologetic and did not charge me for my meal. The sous-chef also came out to apologise. I felt kind of bad that they wasted three steaks. Hopefully they will rectify the problem soon.

Basilico @ Regent Singapore
1 Cuscaden Road, Level 2
Singapore 249715
Tel: 6725 3232
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 0630-1030hrs, 1200-1430hrs and 1830-2200hrs
Sunday 0700-1030hrs, 1200-1500hrs and 1830-2200hrs

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