Celebrate Songkran Festival at Basil by ThaiExpress @ Kallang Wave Mall (Media Tasting)

ThaiExpress, a renowned Thai food chain in Singapore, has opened its first Basil by ThaiExpress restaurant at Kallang Wave Mall. As reflected in the modern and unpretentious interior, the restaurant is targeted at the younger generation of Singaporeans, offering a fresh interpretation of Thai food.

I started dinner with their Homemade Virgin Basil Mojito ($3.90), which is one of the thirst quenchers they offer. You can also opt for one of the more traditional Thai drinks like their Signature Thai Iced Tea and Lemongrass Tea. I wished that the drinks came with less ice though.

Thai Fishcake ($7.90). Spicy fish patties served with light cucumber and peanut dipping sauce. This tasted homemade.

Grilled Beef Salad ($10.80). Sliced ribeye steak tossed in chilli and lime dressing, sprinkled with roasted rice and fried basil leaves. The salad did not really come with much greens except for the decorative lettuce (?) at the side and all the fried basil leaves. However, they were generous with the ribeye. By the way, this is one spicy dish!

Som Tum (papaya salad, $9.90). Shredded Thai green papaya and carrots mixed with salad sauce and chilli padi. Another really spicy dish. I would have eaten more if the spiciness was brought down a few notches.

Fresh Prawn Omelette ($8.90). Fluffy omelette infused with basil. This kind of reminded me of tauhu goreng.

To celebrate Thailand’s traditional Songkran festival, one of the four new dishes offered by ThaiExpress is the Songkan Wing ($10.90). The chicken wings were a delight, deep-fried till golden brown, then sprinkled with crispy basil leaves, fried garlic flakes, dried chilli, salt and sugar.

The Songkran menu, which also includes Pla Muk Khi Khem, Phad Mee Phuket (featured below) and Som Tum, will only be available till 19 April 2015, so make a trip down soon if you want to try this.

Pla Muk Khi Khem ($10.90) aka Thai style salted egg calamari. The squid is coated with batter before being deep-fried. The sauce is slightly sweeter than the zi char (Chinese food stall) versions.

Phad Mee Phuket ($16.90). Stir-fried Thai-style bee hoon served with tiger prawns and homemade sweet and sour sauce.

I had to photograph the Nam Prik Mamuang ($8.90) on the chair as the table was getting too cluttered. I had never seen this dish before and according to the staff, it is probably the only one you can find locally.

The item was served in three mini bowls. The bowl on the left contained fried glutinous rice balls. The middle one had raw vegetables and the last contained a paste made of garlic, shirmps and chilli padi, topped with shredded Thai mango. Do not underestimate the spiciness of this dish. Just a nibble had me downing gulps of water.

Homemade Lod Chong ($5.90), which is commonly mistaken for chendol, and Red Ruby with Coconut Cream ($5.90). It is a tedious process to make lod chong, hence not many chefs want to serve it.

Mango Sticky Rice ($6.90), which thankfully was served warm.

  • Pose And Win!: “Trick-eye” museum-like standees will e placed in front of ThaiExpress and Basil outlets. Post a creative picture on Instagram and #thaiexpresssg and #songkranthaiexpress, and stand to win $100 worth of ThaiExpress vouchers.

Basil by ThaiExpress
1 Stadium Place, #01-16/K8
Kallang Wave
Singapore 397628
Tel : 6702 7332
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1130-2200hrs

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