[Newly Opened] Banana Tree Singapore @ Keong Saik Road

Hopping onto the Korean dessert bandwagon, I made my way down to Banana Tree yesterday with my mum and a good friend. The dessert shop opened just three days ago and is located about five to ten minutes’ walk from Outrum MRT station.

The place was packed! There was a queue for tables and a queue to order. We waited about an hour for our desserts to arrive. I was very tempted to tell the staff to stop taking orders and concentrate on pending orders because even as we were waiting so long for our food to arrive, they were still taking orders.

However, it was difficult to be pissed off because the proprietor was so sweet and she kept smiling. It also helped that the desserts were so lovely!

We ordered Som Som Latte ($7), milk caramel with espresso and chocolate without coffee. What made their coffee stand out from others is the pretty pink cloud of cotton candy on top. Points for such a novel idea.

Other than the lattes, we had the Flower Paap ($6.50), both the banana and espresso flavoured ones. I liked the texture of the puddings! I did wish that they had used real flowers instead of fake ones.For your information, Banana Tree charges additional $1 if you want to have this to go. They will package it in a dainty little looking white box.

Another thing that struck me as interesting is that they keep their spades/ spoons on a magnetic bar on the wall! Such a cool idea! Will keep it in mind for the future.

Banana Tree
26 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089133
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 0900-1900hrs
Friday & Saturday 1000-2000hrs
Sundays 1100-1700hrs

2 thoughts on “[Newly Opened] Banana Tree Singapore @ Keong Saik Road

  1. Tiffany Widjaja says:

    Hi! As I read your article, you have noted that it’s a 5-10 mins walk from Outrum MRT station. Can you please direct me, which exit should I go and the direction? I’m from Indonesia btw :)
    Thank You

    • Qiuuing says:

      Hi Tiffany, thanks for reading my blog. From Outram MRT, you can take Exit H. Bear in mind that MRT station is an interchange, so it is quite big. After taking the exit, walk down New Bridge Road and take a left turn at Kreta Ayer Road then make another left turn at Keong Saik Road. It is in the middle of the row of shophouses.

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