Flock Cafe @ Ghim Moh (Media Tasting)

I knew that Flock Cafe had opened an outlet in Ghim Moh, which is just a stone’s throw away from my house, but I had never paid them a visit. Little did I know that the cafe is just opposite the hawker centre that my parents like to frequent on weekends.

The cafe is spacious and did I mention how much I love white walls and tables? Great for taking pictures and it brightens up the whole interior. The menu is written on a huge chalkboard spanning the wall near the entrance. Flock serves coffee, all-day breakfast, main courses, pastas and desserts.

Cheeky Eggs ($14). Poached eggs with braised pork cheek on tasted brioche top with hollandaise sauce. It did not cross my mind why these eggs are called “cheeky” until my Instagram friend pointed out the resemblance to butt cheeks!

That said, poached eggs were executed properly and the pulled pork was tender and full-flavoured. This was one outstanding dish!

Sauteed prawns and dried shrimps linguine with spring onion and chilli padi ($14). A delicious local take on aglio olio with hei bi hiam (spicy dried shrimps), which would benefit from more chilli. Normally I would always go for the pasta, but if I have space for only one dish, it would have to be Cheeky Eggs.

The third main course that was served was homemade nonya fish patty with lettuce, slaw, tomatoes and spicy coriander yoghurt ($15) on ciabatta. This dish was also Asian-inspired, by otak-otak which is a kind of reddish-orange spicy fish cake. I did not expect the patty to be able to retain the juiciness but it did! I also enjoyed the coriander yoghurt sauce that it was paired with.

The Lemon Tart ($7) is a must try. The desserts here are made by a Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef, which explained why this lemon curd tart was a perfect balance of sour and sweet. Also, the crust was sweet, crisp and golden (pun intended).

As for the American Cheesecake ($7), I adored the silky cheese texture, however the crust was too hard for me. However, I would prefer it hard than wet and soggy.

Flock Café @ Ghim Moh
21 Ghim Moh Road #01-213
Singapore 270021
Tel: 6710 7804
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 0900-1800hrs
Closed on Mondays.

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