Restaurant Week 2015: Latteria Mozzarella Bar @ Duxton Hill

With a name like Latteria Mozzarella Bar, I expected mozzarella to be a central ingredient in every dish, kind of like Mad for Garlic. However, the namesake was only evident in the first course.

The restaurant is located in a picturesque lane, lined with trees and colourful shophouses. I can imagine people coming here to take their #ootd shots. I can also see why people call Singapore ‘A Garden City’.

You can opt for indoor or outdoor seating. Given the extremely hot and humid weather, we decided to sit indoors.

When we requested to sit near the windows, we were told that the four seaters were reserved for parties of four. However, all but one of the four seaters along the row were given to couples.

The bread was warm but not as soft as the breads from the other Restaurant Week restaurants I had visited earlier.

Crispy Buffalo Mozzarella with Pear & Truffle Sauce. The truffle sauce was kind of disappointing as there was little truffle taste. We had to refer back to the menu to identify what sauce came with the salad.

That said, the mozzarella balls were awesome. Slightly moist and semi-soft mozzarella balls encased in a crisp breaded layer.

Pork Belly with Cannellini and Red Wine Sauce. This was more fat than anything.

Seabass Fillet with Asparagus and Orange Sauce. The fresh fish was cooked perfectly, with a somewhat crackly skin and delicate inside. But there was nothing really special about this dish.

Hazelnut & Chocolate Parfait with Apricot Sauce. This is one of the more interesting frozen desserts I have had so far.

Latteria Mozzarella Bar
40 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089618
Tel: 6866 1988
Opening Hours:
Lunch: Sunday to Friday 1200-1430hrs
Dinner: Monday To Sunday 1800-2300hrs

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