Restaurant Week 2015: Indocafe–The White House @ Scotts Road

Indocafe has been on my watchlist for the longest time. The iconic black and white colonial structure is steeped richly in its Peranakan culture. Other than being known for its Peranakan dishes, Indocafe has a wonderful collection of Peranakan art. The set dinner here cost $35++ per person.

I was pleasantly surprised to be led to a private room, which was beautifully decorated with Peranakan artifacts.

Hibiscus Soda with Fresh Mint ($4). One of the refreshing coolers and juices Indocafe offers. The Melon Soda with Fresh Lychee sounded interesting too!

Trio of Appetisers. Five-spiced meat roll, refreshing prawn mango salad and classic otah with Hokkaido scallop. Each individual portion was palatable on its own and together, a good representation of flavours.

All set dinners include Chye Buey, steamed rice and your choice of Kacang Panjang Tempoyak or Chap Chye.

Chye Buey, also known as salted vegetable soup. This was so good that I finished every last drop!

Chap Chye. a mixed vegetable stew and a common Nonya dish. I am a carnivore, but I liked this dish. It went really well with just plain rice!

Kacang Panjang Tempoyak, long beans with fermented durians. Never knew durians could be made into a spicy sauce. The durian flavour was not overwhelming, but I still would not recommend this dish to those who dislike durians.

Beef Rendang. Slow cooked wagyu beef with a blend of homemade spices. Enough said. Two thumbs up!

Ikan Gulai Tumis. Creamy garoupa fish curry sauteed in rempah paste and tumeric. Rempah I learnt is a spice paste used for coloring as well as flavouring. A vibrant orange-yellow colour, this dish was slightly spicy.

Rempah Itek. Braised duck served with a melody of herbs and spices.

As for dessert, we had White Chocolate Lemongrass Bar. Lemongrass infused white chocolate, gold jam, caramel tuile and white chocolate stick. A subtle lemongrass taste but overall, too sweet for me.

Indocafe—The White House
35 Scotts Road
Singapore 228227
Tel: 6733 2656
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1200-1500hrs and 1800-2230hrs

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