Fun Photo-Taking with The Family

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! CNY is a period when relatives get together and simply have fun celebrating the joyous occasion. This CNY has been consecutive days of visiting from morning till night.

We started with an annual tradition of eating reunion lunch, using my new Korean BBQ grill. It was a major feast with tiger prawns, Japanese Kagoshima wagyu beef, Spanish Iberico pork shabu and salmon belly from Cold Storage (#bestbeefever). Also, we had our first lohei of the year with yusheng from 1 Market by Chef Wan.

Then, we had another yearly tradition of taking a family photo on the first day of CNY.

Here are some photos courtesy of my cousin and edited by me. We had a great candid photo-taking session with the niece and nephew (and later the aunts too) using her Macbook. We certainly had fun making funny faces and exploring the different filters and functions.

I hope everyone enjoyed their CNY as much as I did! So sad that reality intrudes and it is back to work again!

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