Yayoi @ The Star Vista

It has been a while since I visited The Star Vista and I noticed something that I have never tried, which is Yayoi. Yayoi is a Japanese Teishoku restaurant, ‘teishoku’ meaning set meal in Japanese.

Hence, all their meals come with a bowl of rice, miso soup, a main dish of meat or fish and a side dish. Also, the restaurant is noted for being particular about the quality of their ingredients and their rice, which is imported from Japan.

Each table comes with an ipad for you to place our order. There is a language option on the top right hand corner of the screen.

I love how user friendly the system is and when you click on the ‘Check Order’ button, you can see the status of your food!

Buta Yakiniku Teishoku ($9.90), sliced pork on hot plate. An affordable option. For $1.90, the miso soup which comes with the set can be switched for miso soup with clams. This is applicable for all meals.

Beef Steak Teishoku ($24.90) and Beef Steak & Ebi Fry Teishoku ($26.90), beef steak with fried prawn set. Portions of the steak were generous and rather tender.

There was one thing I could not understand. How is it that their hot plates were not hot at all? I intentionally ordered my beef medium rare, when I prefer it medium because I thought it would continue cooking on the hot plate. Honestly, they might as well serve their food on a normal plate.

Milo Pudding ($6.90), with vanilla ice cream and glutinous rice balls. Something I never expect to see at a Japanese restaurant, but it was pretty delicious!

Yayoi @ The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-01/02,
Singapore 138617
Tel: 6570 2668
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1100-2200hrs.

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