My Day at Singapore Zoo

Sis and I went to the zoo last weekend. I have always loved going to the zoo, even though I often end up walking a lot and perspiring, As you can tell, I am not an exercise kind of person, but anything for the animals.

Before going to the zoo, we went to Nara Thai @ Westgate for lunch. The food there is decent but portions of main dishes are rather small.

Green Mango Salad with Prawns ($12.90). I loved how colourful the salad was, but not chunkiness of the slices of mango. The salad could also use some dried shrimps and shallots.

Stir-fried Minced Chicken with Chilli & Hot Basil ($12.90), served with steamed Jasmine rice. While the basil chicken was flavourful, it was not spicy enough for me.

Green Curry with Chicken ($13.90). Sis found the curry too sweet for a savoury dish.

And for your information, they started charging for iced water since 1 December 2014. It is 50 cents a glass and refillable. I find it ridiculous when restaurants charge for plain water.

We headed to the zoo immediately after lunch. It was not as crowded as I would expect, seeing that it was a weekend.

I was pretty sad that I missed my favourite show ‘Rainforest Fights Back’, which starts at 12.30pm and 2.30pm daily. It is a short but entertaining presentation, showcasing the rich and diverse wildlife of the rainforest. I kept assuming that there was a show at 4pm and took my time walking around the various enclosures first.

Here are some shots I took that day:

The first time I managed to catch a sight of the mousedeers! They are so tiny!

This was a great photo opportunity. We were wondering why the otters were lining up in a row, then we realised it was feeding time and they were waiting for the zookeepers!

Excellent camouflage, we could hardly spot these desert warthogs from far!

The famous white tiger, which looked really lonely.

Till my next visit! I will be sure to catch the ‘Rainforest Fights Back’ show next time around!

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