Lady M @ Orchard Central

I finally made a trip down to Lady M @ Orchard Central after passing by it so many times and admiring the beautiful glass structure from the outside. The cafe is indeed a sight to behold with all the floor to ceiling windows.

The place is not very friendly for young children and elderly with all the stairs. It also occurred to me that the staff there must get a workout from climbing the steps everyday.

We ordered the Chocolate Arc-En-Ciel ($8.50). Layers of dark and milk chocolate mousse, with chocolate sponge, topped with ganache and cocoa powder. I really loved this cake! It was gone before I knew it!

The Chocolate Mille Crepes ($9) is exclusive to the Orchard Central Branch. Chocolate shavings atop twenty paper-thin chocolate infused crepes, layered with chocolate cream.

Another item exclusive to Orchard Central is the Apple Galette ($8). Slices of cinnamon scented apple finished with a sweet apricot preserve glaze, atop a fluffy puff pastry. This was not anything special.

Overall, I find their cakes on the pricey side. Also, the service here is really slow. The cakes took a long time to arrive even when the cafe was not very crowded.

Lady M @ Orchard Central  
181 Orchard Road, #01-27 & #02-07
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6509 3673
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1100-2200hrs.

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