A Cafe Under Your Block: V360 Cafe @ Jurong West Street 52

There has been a sudden explosion of cafes operating below HDB blocks recently, as more and more food operators are bringing coffee and desserts closer to homes.

V360 Cafe, a quaint cafe in Jurong West, is another cafe that has also hopped on the bandwagon, This cafe, as we found out later, is very popular with the students from the secondary school nearby.

The first thing that grabs your attention as you enter the cafe is the beautiful mural that is applied across the walls of the cafe. The vibrant shade of yellow brightens up the area.

We were interested in their coffee art after seeing their version of Charlie Brown & Snoopy on their Facebook page, but the barista was not around, so we opted for Iced flavoured latte ($6.50, above) and Iced Chocolate ($6) instead.

Mini Churros ($5.90) for eight pieces of mini Spanish toasted churros with chocolate sauce.

Focaccia Tomato with Turkey Ham and Cheese ($9.90). Traditional Italian focaccia tomato bread, served with turkey ham, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce.

This was pretty alright, but tasted like something you could do at home on your own with some focaccia. I also did not care for portions of the sandwich which had no turkey ham.

Beef Lasagne ($7.90), another dish that was rather average.

I have to state that there were only two people working that day and since we came in a group of seven, it was not easy for them to cope. That said, they will have to get used to crowds coming in at peak periods of the day.

Belgian Waffles with Ice Cream ($8.90) for a double scoop. The main reason why I came to this cafe for. We chose chocolate and toasted marshmallow ice cream.

However, the waffles tasted more like cookies than waffles, and the only thing good about this dish is the toasted marshmallow ice cream, which is actually a limited edition flavour. I would recommend for them to make it permanent.

On a side note, I think it is very important to get your spell-check done before printing a menu, to prevent unnecessary spelling or grammatical errors.

V360 Café
Blk 526 Jurong West Street 52, #01-321
Singapore 640526
Tel: 9195 5088
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 1100-2130hrs
Friday 1100-2230hrs
Saturday 0930-2230hrs
Sunday 0930-2130hrs

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