Masons @ Gillman Barracks

Earlier this week I had to go for a course in the Alexandra area and was thinking what to have for lunch. Masons @ Gillman Barracks came up in my hunt for a good lunch location.

Gillman Barracks is located off Alexandra Road and was originally established by the British Army just before World War II to prepare for the defence of Singapore. It was one of the last British posts in Singapore to fall to the Japanese.

Currently, it is home to 17 international art galleries and three restaurants.

The set lunch costs either $28++ or $33++, for a two course and three course meal respectively. All set lunches comes with an additional choice of a drink (Coke, Sprite or Ginger Ale).

We started with a rich creamy bowl of Mushroom Chowder.

The Cajun Style Sea Bass with Black Pepper, served with buttered kai lan and eggplant. The dish looked western but had a distinctive Chinese taste. Silky texture, almost melt in your mouth, paired perfectly with the pepper sauce.

Classic Beef Stroganoff, served with croquette and sauteed capsicum. Tasted slightly dry in my opinion.

For desserts, we could choose any from the dessert selection in their a la carte menu.

Chocolate Brownie ($14), served warm with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato.

Calvados Apple Crumble ($14), served with a scoop of vanilla cognac gelato.

Creme Brulee ($14), served with a shot of vanilla bean gelato.

I would not recommend the apple crumble. There was little effort in the dish, simply crumble poured over apple chunks, leaving the crumble which had settled at the bottom soggy from the apple juice. The brownie and creme brulee on the other hand stole the show.

Masons @ Gillman Barracks
8 Lock Road
Singapore 108936
Tel: 6694 2216
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 1200-2300hrs
Sunday 1200-2200hrs
*Last food order 60 mins before closing

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