Atmosphere Bistro Bar @ Parkland Green (Media Tasting)

Very rarely do I make a trip to the far east of Singapore. The last time I did that was recently in December, when I explored Joo Chiat and East Coast for a food hopping experience with my good friend Vivienne (Read more about it here).

Never did I think I would venture east again, but during the weekend I made that hour and a half journey to visit the newly opened Parkland Green @ East Coast Park and all its eateries, especially Atmosphere Bistro Bar. Ironically, it is just across the expressway from where I was the last time.

Parkland Green is opposite Parkway Parade and easily accessed by the underpass. However, should you be coming from the west like I did, it is not so simple. I took the MRT to Bedok and the 401 bus from Bedok Interchange. For your information, the bus service only operates on weekends and Public Holidays.

The restaurant is non-aircon, but the sea breeze is plenty cooling. This place is also kid-friendly, evident in the many families we saw dining there. The great thing is that you can order your meal through an ipad, which is available at every table.

Atmosphere Bistro has an extremely skilled barista! The coffee art here is unbelievable!

Ranging from 2D Stitch to 3D cats, bears and pigs, everything is so brilliantly executed! You can request for coffee art for free on both hot and cold coffees. If you want a 3D art, you just need to top up $1, which is actually very worth it!

Truffle Fries ($8.80). Crispy thick cut fries tossed with truffle oil and grated parmesan. This was actually pretty good but I wished that there was more.

Mango Milkshake ($9). Quite diluted in my opinion. I expected a richer mango taste.

Seafood Aglio Olio ($14.80). Sauteed spaghetti with seafood and bacon. Another dish that needed improvement, not enough spice and garlic.

Mini Burgers ($11.80). Three mini burgers with BBQ glazed grilled patty. Comes with a choice of chicken or beef. I loved these!

Ribeye Steak ($25.80). 200gm of 70 days grain fed beef served at desired doneness. Extremely disappointing. The steak was very thinly cut, came well done instead of medium and was very dry.

Miso Samon ($18.80). Baked Norwegian salmon glazed with miso sauce. The other dish that was memorable. Look at the amount of caviar on top of the salmon!

Fortunately, we made more progress with the desserts.

Rainbow Cake ($7.80). Colourful layers of sponge cake with vanilla cream. While the layers might not be very even, it tasted like those old school light and fluffy 鸡蛋糕 (egg cake).

Atmosphere Molten Lava Cake($11.80). Warm chocolate cake with molten core served with vanilla ice cream. A perfect lava cake that flowed.

Kirin Frozen Beef ($13/pint). Comes in Original, Calpis, Mango, Orange, Lime and Cranberry, and we opted for Original and Calpis. The foam is frozen at -5 ℃ and it keeps the beer cold for about half an hour.

Flaming Pizza ($22.80). Prawn, salami,capsicum and assorted mushroom on flame. We had a little trouble trying to get the flame going because the wind was very strong, however we did manage in the end. By the way, did you know they serve 17 types of pizzas here?

After dinner, we headed to Pick Me Up Cafe, which was at the front of Parkland Green, just next to the underpass.

The cafe was crazy crowded, with many people waiting around for tables and a constant stream of people getting their gelato to go.

However, none of us liked the yoghurt gelato that they are so famous for. Tasted artificial and none of the signature yoghurt taste. My cone of Apple Pie Yoghurt Gelato in a Waffle Cone ($5.50), comes with a free topping.

Atmosphere Bistro Bar
920 East Coast Parkway #01-25/26/27
Singapore 449875
Tel: 6440 9705
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 1800-0000hrs
Friday 1800-0100hrs
Saturday & Sunday 1030-0100hrs

Pick Me Up Cafe
920 East Coast Parkway #01-20
Singapore 449875
Tel: 9729 9118
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 1100-2200hrs
Saturday & Sunday 0900-2200hrs

2 thoughts on “Atmosphere Bistro Bar @ Parkland Green (Media Tasting)

    • Qiuuing says:

      Hi Derrick! I think if you are a lover of coffee art and desserts, Atmosphere is a place you can check out. But I definitely will not recommend Pick Me Up. Also because we are Westies, the distance is something we have to consider.

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