Nakhon Kitchen Now at Holland Village!

I was in Holland Village the other day and noticed that the famous Nakhon Kitchen from Hougang Street 21 has now opened a new branch in Holland Village! Nakhon Kitchen is synonymous with Thai food here in Singapore and is possibly rated as the best Thai food found locally.

With this outlet opened, Nakhon Kitchen currently has five branches (Bedok North Avenue 3, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Pasir Panjang Road and Marine Parade Central). It is so great that more food outlets are moving west!

The outlet at Holand Village is rather small, but rate of change is very fast. We went after the lunch crowd, around 2pm, so we did not have to wait long for a table. The food arrived promptly as well.

Thai Mango Salad ($5), a pleasurable burst of sweet, sour, salty and spicy!

The Stir-fried Kang Kong Belachan ($6) was surprisingly more savoury than fiery. I would have preferred it hotter.

I loved the Tom Yam Soup ($6), clear with seafood. For me, it is quite hard for Thai restaurants to go wrong with their tom yam soups. This one was hot and sour and packed with spices! You will feel the burn kick in a bit later.

My sis has to order Green Curry with Chicken ($8) whenever we have Thai food. This was palatable but could do with more chicken.

Since it was a hot day, in addition to the numerous cups of iced water we drank as much to quench the thirst as to put out the flames, we ordered the Thai Fresh Coconut ($5) and Thai Iced Tea ($3). Both drinks are good, but if you want something different yet still authentic, try the Thai Soy Milk ($3).

For dessert, we had the Mango Sticky Rice Served with Coconut Milk ($5). The rice is served warm! I love it when restaurants make the extra effort to heat up the rice.

One thing to note is that while the prices here are very affordable, the portions are not as large as compared to other Thai restaurants. However, that to me is a positive point because with smaller helpings, I will be able to order more dishes and try a wider variety of items.

Nakhon Kitchen @ Holland Village
27A Lorong Liput Holland Village
Singapore 277738
Tel: 64696862

2 thoughts on “Nakhon Kitchen Now at Holland Village!

  1. Alin Nainggolan says:

    My colleagues and I went to have lunch today at Nakhan Kitchen – 27A Lorong Liput Holland Village outlet. This wasn’t the first time we ate there but I feel it’s important to provide feedback of the poor service from its staff.

    When we went in, the music was very loud. I asked one of the staff by the name of Arun to turn down the volume a little but so that we could talk. His response was, “Sorry it can’t be done. If you want go out side.” The guests next to our table who came earlier said that she also had asked but was ignored.

    We ordered 6 dishes, and we finished it all. The 6th dish came after we all finished the food. We actually had forgotten that there was one left and that was Chicken Garlic.

    The staff by the name of Heng, came to our table, without asking permission, started to clean the dishes right in front of us. What left from the dishes were put on top of one another and it fell on to the table, while he was trying to clear and carry as much as he could. I asked him not to clear all the waste right there and then. He could bring to the back of the kitchen and clear all the waste but not in front of the customers. His answer, “In Thailand we don’t waste food.” (I was shocked with such comment since we finished all the food!). It is disgusting to see the waste of the food fell all over the place).

    When I saw the staff hanging around the cashier area, Arun was singing along and with such arrogant attitude.

    While the food are generally OK – the service is terrible. I wonder if Nakhon Kitchen provides enough training to the staff and to make them understand that customers are important and they will not come because of such service.

    My colleagues and I have decided not to come back there again. I am sure there are people who feel the same I feel but they just don’t bother to write feedback and I would definitely not hire staff with such attitude.

  2. Qiuuing says:

    That’s a lengthy comment! And seems like you have experienced really horrible service. Sad to see how they have declined so much. Hopefully they will improve and the standards at their other outlets are not like that.

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