A Cafe Under Your Block: V360 Cafe @ Jurong West Street 52

There has been a sudden explosion of cafes operating below HDB blocks recently, as more and more food operators are bringing coffee and desserts closer to homes.

V360 Cafe, a quaint cafe in Jurong West, is another cafe that has also hopped on the bandwagon, This cafe, as we found out later, is very popular with the students from the secondary school nearby.

The first thing that grabs your attention as you enter the cafe is the beautiful mural that is applied across the walls of the cafe. The vibrant shade of yellow brightens up the area.

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Portico @ Alexandra Road

This is my second visit to Portico. I visited the place about two months back with some of my good friends because of the good things that I have heard about their food (read more about it here). I am back again this time because I have confirmed the good things that I have heard about their food.

The prices of the food here are indeed on the high side, especially for lunch, hence this is not a place that I can afford to visit often.

We ordered the 8 Hours Slow-Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek ($29), served in red wine and port bourguignon sauce. We could not identify the round white balls, which we suspect are pear balls, but they added this sweet crunchy flavour to the otherwise thick and rich sauce.

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Masons @ Gillman Barracks

Earlier this week I had to go for a course in the Alexandra area and was thinking what to have for lunch. Masons @ Gillman Barracks came up in my hunt for a good lunch location.

Gillman Barracks is located off Alexandra Road and was originally established by the British Army just before World War II to prepare for the defence of Singapore. It was one of the last British posts in Singapore to fall to the Japanese.

Currently, it is home to 17 international art galleries and three restaurants.

The set lunch costs either $28++ or $33++, for a two course and three course meal respectively. All set lunches comes with an additional choice of a drink (Coke, Sprite or Ginger Ale).

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Atmosphere Bistro Bar @ Parkland Green (Media Tasting)

Very rarely do I make a trip to the far east of Singapore. The last time I did that was recently in December, when I explored Joo Chiat and East Coast for a food hopping experience with my good friend Vivienne (Read more about it here).

Never did I think I would venture east again, but during the weekend I made that hour and a half journey to visit the newly opened Parkland Green @ East Coast Park and all its eateries, especially Atmosphere Bistro Bar. Ironically, it is just across the expressway from where I was the last time.

Parkland Green is opposite Parkway Parade and easily accessed by the underpass. However, should you be coming from the west like I did, it is not so simple. I took the MRT to Bedok and the 401 bus from Bedok Interchange. For your information, the bus service only operates on weekends and Public Holidays.

The restaurant is non-aircon, but the sea breeze is plenty cooling. This place is also kid-friendly, evident in the many families we saw dining there. The great thing is that you can order your meal through an ipad, which is available at every table.

Atmosphere Bistro has an extremely skilled barista! The coffee art here is unbelievable!

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Mirchi @ Esplanade (Media Tasting)

Did you know that ‘Mirchi’ means chilli? That I did not know until my friend enlightened me when I told her I was coming here for a meal. With such a name, I expected the meal to be hell on my tongue and tummy. However, I was met with a pleasing variety of vibrant flavours.

The restaurant is painted in shades of gold and red. Together with dark tones of the furniture, it exudes a warm and welcoming ambience. This is a great place, be it if you are here with friends and family or for a business dinner. Everything, even the yoghurt, is made in-house.

Mango Lassi. This is such a typical girl’s drink! All of us went for the sweet ones. The men, on the other hand, tried the salty ones.

Chicken Dhaniya Soup ($7). A clear soup of chicken strips cooked with coriander, green chilli and whole spices. This is a home-cooked dish and since most Northern Indian restaurants in Singapore are rather up market, they do not serve it. I love the hint of spice from the green chilli!

Tandoori Aloo ($14). Hollowed potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese, herbs and cashew nuts. Although the potatoes look unassuming, the spiciness packs a punch!

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Manbok Chinatown Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet Restaurant

This is going to be a very short post! School has just started so I am still getting into the swing of things, making it difficult to take time out to blog.

Sis and I checked out Manbok Chinatown Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant during the weekend. It is a stone’s throw away from Chinatown MRT Station and it scored well on Hungrygowhere.

The restaurant offers both marinated and non-marinated meat, like pork collar, chuck tender, chicken thigh and chicken breast. On top of that, they also serve cooked food like jap chae (Korean glass noodles) and ddeokbokki (Korean rice cakes), not to forget the typical steamboat offerings of ramen, vegetables, etc.

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A Cafe Under Your Block: Sin Lee Foods

Another cafe exuding the old school charm is Sin Lee Foods, which is located in one of the older estates around Singapore. The cafe is just a stone’s throw away from Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) and a five minutes’ walk from Tiong Bahru MRT Station.

I emailed them about a week prior to my visit for a reservation and requested for a seat next to the windows, which I can assume while not stated indoors specifically, was very much implied. However, when I arrived, I was told that the seat had been given to someone who came earlier than me, even though I was punctual.

To which they apologised almost immediately through my Instagram,  stating that the indoor tables were fully occupied by patrons who had reserved tables before me. I just wished that they had told me that when I made my reservations, rather than when I had already reached the cafe.

The alfresco dining area is the first thing that you will see upon arriving at the cafe. Seeing that there were no available tables indoors, we had to sit outdoors. It was rather breezy, but there were plenty of flies, which was a huge turn-off.

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