Bonheur Patisserie: Cutest Character Macarons (Part 2)


It was the weekend again, so what did I do? Head on down to my favourite macaron shop, Bonheur Patisserie, to get myself more character macarons! This time around there was only one repeat character (Hello Kitty) which I did not buy, so there is a total of eight new designs ($4.50 each).


My mum thinks they are a waste of money but they are simply so delicious and too cute to resist! By the way, please note I am horrible at identifying cartoon characters.


Winnie The Pooh (Honey flavour).


Miffy (Cinnamon Cookies flavour).


Brown from Line [Is there a female one or he just likes wearing ribbons too?] (Rouge Melon flavour).


Whale (Peach).


Mushroom [Is it from Super Mario? But I remember that being red with white spots] (White Grape).


La Bi Xiao Xin (Melon).


Cookie Monster (Cookies & Cream).


Duck (Orange).

If you prefer to buy plain macarons (starting from $3 a flavour), I would recommend the two below.


Yuzu and Sea Salt Gula Melaka. Generally, I like their fruity flavours like Yuzu, but their Sea Salt Gula Melaka has this right balance of salty and sweet.

Bonheur Patisserie is also selling a special set of eight Christmas macarons for $36 for this festive season. Pre-order a week in advance.

For my previous post and information on Bonheur Patisserie, click here.

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