Toast Box: Toasting One Hundred!

UntitledToast Box celebrated its 100th store yesterday at Shaw House! What a milestone! From a single local store selling traditional Nanyang Kopi, it has come a long way and has now expanded to countries like China, Hong Kong and Thailand.




No glamour shots here! On a side note, I am so glad to finally get a picture of the three of us (Lirong and Vivienne) after so many events together!

And now… back to the food!





Besides selling Nanyang Kopi and toast which Toast Box is synonymous with, Toast Box also offers a selection of freshly-baked old school buns as well as a variety of hot and cold drinks.

A coffee artist graced the momentous occasion yesterday by paying tribute to the story behind Toast Box.





The Regional General Manager, Mr Vincent Lim, gave an opening address and kick-started the event.


We were then treated to a performance by the coffee experts who had undergone intensive training to get to where they are today. It is no wonder with these people working behind the scenes that Toast Box is able to establish its foothold in Singapore and beyond.






A lot of work goes into making a cup of coffee!


Ms Katherine Lee, founder of BreadTalk Group Limited, together with Mr Lim and the coffee experts.

After the performance, we were presented with some buns from their specialty bakery.



Golden Lava Egg Tart ($1.60). Toast Box has reinvented traditional egg tarts! The sweet custard is paired with savoury salted egg!


Mochi Egg Tart ($1.60). If you would like something sweeter, here is one with a mochi centre! The mochi is imported from Taiwan.


Char Siew Bo Luo ($1.60). The meringue-like crust bun is now available with honey-glazed roasted pork filling!


For those who like a wholesome bun with a touch of traditional dessert, you can opt for the Sunflower Pulut Hitam ($1.20).


And lastly, Kaya Bun ($3.60 for six), filled with Toast Box’s signature Hainanese kaya spread.


To celebrate their 100th store, Toast Box has launched some celebratory products like 2-in-1 Kopi-O ($7.80. You can now have Nanyang Kopi in the comfort of your own home) and their new Toast Box Kopi Card ($18.80, launching 22 November 2014). The Kopi Card is a smart card stored with 12 cups of hot kopi or teh.

  • SPECIAL PROMOTION: On 22 November 2014, Toast Box is giving away 100 pieces of the new Kopi card to the first 100 customers who spend a minimum of $10 at Toast Box Shaw House.

Toast Box @ Shaw House
350 Orchard Road, #B1-03,
Singapore 238868
Tel: 6235 5354
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 0730-2200hrs.

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